Offensive Line Problems (Partially) Explained

So far as the remainder of the season goes, it really does not matter how we got into the position where we now find ourselves. Clearly the coaches think that the two new offensive linemen (okay, so there are actually three) have the best tools for the positions in which they play. What many of us “armchair quarterbacks” fail to comprehend is that offensive line play is a very complicated position. Historically you would have preferred to have a 5 year player (redshirt senior) at all five positions. In the first year (particularly the first few games) of a new offense (for you), you go to the line thinking, “Now on this play if the dlineman across from me rushes to the left, I’m supposed to block him that way unless a blitzing linebacker is coming through the hole created where I’m supposed to block him, but I must also be aware that the dlineman next to him may be circling around behind him to come in the hole and I need to get him and, . . . . . . no wait, that is on that other play that was not called.” Meanwhile the quarterback or running back is getting creamed. (Note that the above is actually much simpler than what actually exists!) In many of these instances, the thought process before the action results in the olineman appearing to be tentative and quite slow. Only through experience and repetitions do quick reactions to the real time deployments of the defensive become a staple, and it actually appears that (okay, it becomes factual) the offensive lineman has magically developed quickness that was missing originally. I have no doubt that our offensive line will “get there”, but can only hope that it is sooner rather than later. (Sorry about the long post, but I did not know how to shorten, and much is left out!)

Alabama leads the nation in passing defense at 69 yards per game; that’s after Arkansas poured out 400 yards against them.

The Hogs problems are not on offense.

It’s on the side of the ball where the HC played.

I thought that was rushing defense. 69 yards/game
Maybe your correct.

I think that you will find that Mr. Allen and Mr. Kelly totals divided by the total number of games far exceeds 69 yards, so you are correct.

(With all due respect) I submit that 3 yards per rushing play and a quarterback that gets hit on many of his passing attempts does not suggest to me that “The Hogs problems are not on offense”. Admittedly this is certainly not the only problem, nor is it meant to say that it is the worst one. Many of us (you included) have commented on other problems that we see, and my post above was not intended to imply that there are not others. Hopefully we will see vast improvements in all these areas beginning this Saturday!