Offensive line for insiders

How in year 5 can we be this inconsistent on the line? Yes at times the run blocking is improved but the pass protection isn’t close to being good enough. I can understand some misses in recruiting but that can’t be the entire reason. We had a guy play this week at both tackle spots that was considered a miss in recruiting. A guy started 10 games last year and can’t find the field? We have a freshman playing that either hasn’t or won’t be on schollie until December. What is going on?

Did Bielema when he was at Wisconsin fire Mike Markuson after 2-3 games as his O line coach?

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Clary always was going to be on a scholarship, so to call him a walk-on is a bit misleading. His situation is more a result of some creative math - and a sacrifice on his family’s part - to work around scholarship limits.

Mike Markuson was fired after two games at Wisconsin. No one really ever has said why, or at least not that I’m aware.

As to your overarching question, I don’t know the answer. It would be easy to say that Arkansas downgraded position coaches after Sam Pittman left, but there could be other factors at play. The real issues seems to be some older players not living up to their potential. This is what Bret said about the issue today (mostly paraphrased), as written by Jimmy:

Brian Wallace isn’t playing because “we’ve got better players.” Colton Jackson had a good spring. Got down to the point where they decided they were better with Clary at guard and Gibson at tackle instead of Gibson at guard and Wallace at tackle. Wallace has had a good attitude and was in Bielema’s office first thing yesterday to try to get in on a speciality package. A lot of the older linemen haven’t taken a step forward.

When he put the depth chart out, Paul Ramirez can play both tackles and Johnny Gibson can play every position but center. A&M was bringing pressure at right guard, so they wanted to get Gibson there in place of Ty Clary. The plan was to get Colton Jackson out for Ramirez so he wouldn’t play the whole time. Dalton Wagner is back and “there’s a good chance we could mix him in there.” Continue to try to push Brian Wallace and Jalen Merrick to get in position to play. “Believe me, if they were better than the options out there,” they’d be out there. Emphasizing pass pro is important.

The thing that is most disappointing about where we are with BB is the offensive line. I thought the offensive line is where we would excel, and I think that’s who BB wants to be. The O line is where we are supposed to be good at developing players so that they are at their best as RS Jrs. We’re supposed to excel at transforming bodies in the weight room and with improved diets and hydration. I’m sure they are doing all of those things but the expected results have not happened. If you could go back 5 years and tell Coach B where we’d be in year 5 with the O Line I think he would be shocked.

When will the priorities in the program place an emphasis on position coaches. We need to pay a quality salary to obtain and keep quality coaches.

Was he the Asst. Oline coach on Buffalo? Our pass pro was terrible Saturday and A&M is not a great D, if the trend continues Allen will not survive the season. It has to be fixed and we can’t always blame the personnel its year 5, they recruited these guys. If the personnel is bad coaches have to coach em better and scheme ways to improve it, not blame the players we recruited and can’t develop.

I think he was the assistant to the assistant coach in Buffalo. I think it would be similar to a GA in college?

He was the assistant O-line coach in Buffalo. He spent six games as the main position coach that year because the O-line coach was suspended.

People underachieve. It happens in every walk of life. To blame career overachievers like BB and KA for underachievers Wallace and Merrick seems a bit off.

Not blaming but the results speak for themselves. As of right now the sacks and pressures prove the coaches have to figure it out. Good coaches find ways to maximize what their players do well not continuing to show their weakness. Bielema mentioned today they were blitzing our right guard so they moved Gibson back and took a Clary out. Yep pretty obvious take advantage of our weakness on that side, A&M saw that, surely we knew they would attack us there. This bad play has been an issue on this team for the last 2 years and must be fixed and if the coaches can’t get it fixed we need new coaches.

Musical chairs at the Oline is never a good thing. I hope they are able to red shirt the other freshen Olinemen and get them on the field next year. Coach B has been playing catch up from day one on the hill that’s really the cause of the failures.
Having musical chairs on a staff is also not a positive thing for recruiting or player development!
I hope it gets better but for any of us to say it’s Anderson’s fault isn’t fair. Next year we all can start making a better judgement on that.
There’s problems across college football and we have our share.
What we don’t have is problems off the field with fraud like Florida or rape like Florida State. I’m for keeping our coach and being patient.

I guess I’m just a trouble maker. So, here goes. I’m the guy who said our offensive line was trying to get Austin Allen killed last year and they may succeed this year. I have another concern. I think our new 3-4 defense may get Greenlaw eventually killed this year. Some experts have said that the 3-4 is great against the run. Here’s the way I see it. You have a great linebacker who is quick and gritty in Greenlaw. He rushes to meet the ball carrier on every running play. But…ahead of that ball carrier may be a 300 pound tackle and a 250 pound fullback. They have a full head of steam. I don’t know. I’m not a fan of the 3-4. I just think we need to recruit a bunch of really good defensive linemen, stack the line of scrimmage and let the linebackers clean up.

Coaches (and not just our coaches) say it is very difficult to recruit enough D-linemen, unless you’re Alabama. You may get 6 linemen ready, but it’s hard to get any more to go two-deep with four linemen. And in SEC play, you really need to be three deep as injuries are bound to happen. It’s easier to recruit LBs than D-line. But even at that, I think the coaches will say they still have to areas of recruiting directly for the 3-4 is still necessary.