offensive changes I think need to happen

IMO this offense needs changing to be effective here is what i think.

Run game:
why we never allow our Guards to trap inside is beyond me!! its one of the greatest plays to stop a fast aggressive DL like TCU’s also we to run more misdirection counters Counter treys for you that understand the run game where we fake to RB going one way and give it another back going the other way behind our pulling backside G and T who kick out the hard charging DE and lead up on the LB one of the greatest run plays ever!!!

We need to run crack back sweeps to allow us to set the edge because we are not getting out there.

Finally we our backs too slow in getting to LOS beause we have the QB take 3-4 steps and hand them the Ball!! suicide especially on the goaline!! IMO because that makes the OL have to hold their blocks for an extra sc or 2.we need to have the RB have a full head of steam headung into the LOS and have to the QB hand it to them right after taking the snap…we too this some but not much…we are basically running almost a draw! which again as i said is way to tough on the OL.

WE need to stop trying to play BULLY BALL and expect this OL to dominate because its not going to happen with the run plays we call and the way the RB has to wait to get the ball.


we need to start running a lot of short quick slants,hitches and pick routes and forget all these deep 3-4 verticals which give AA no option to throw the ball too,this OL cant block well enough to do that.
we need to put the S in a bind by running some post routes with a crosser route underneath that Petrino used to run a lot of these combo routes to confuse the defense.

I love our screen game and bootleg package! but need to include our RBs out the backfield and over the middle,anything to get the ball in our playmakers hands in space and let them do what they do MAKE PLAYS!

just my 2 cents worth… WPS!!

Trap is a great play when a DL is on you tight. When they are set back 1.5 to 2 yards like TCU played, very tough to trap. They are moving at the snaps playing games. They leave that gap so they can move. You trap and they generally slide past you. I’ve known that all my life as far as defensive line sets. Don’t trap against a defensive front that plays off the line. That’s TCU’s defensive alignment.

The crack back sweep was a tremendous play with Drew Morgan and Keon Hatcher as blockers. Not sure these WRs are the same type blockers. We’ll see. That is a play that was good for Dan Enos the last two years.

my point is we never try. they were slanting but that not difficult to pick up for an OL you block the DL that crosses your face and trap the next DL on the LOS u might just catch them slanting the wrong way and bust one on them. we never try to get the DL to react just run straight at them they have no choice but defend their gap.misdirection would help us get better blocking angles IMO but we never do it so probably just the way its going to be. now we have used our TE and FB to trap (wham) with great success but don’t think i saw it yesterday,once or twice on FAMU.

I think we have to get creative to help this OL out we cant expect them to overpower teams…we saw that yesterday and will only get tougher against the better SEC teams.

I suspect that 90% of our problems on offense are that the offensive line just has major holes right now, no matter what you ask them to do, and that we had to replace our entire receiving corps. The fact that we could only manage 135 yards passing against FAMU despite effective running foreshadowed that we just weren’t going to be very good on O against a real defense. The big holes in the running game against a mid-major were a fool’s gold that we have seen before early in the season.

The good news is that the O can only get better because it can’t get much worse. It seems like CBB develops delusions about his own team in camp that can only be shattered by some poor September performances. He’s been pretty good at fixing on the fly.

Offensive scheme and play calling was too transparent. For instance inside the five where we failed to score, we could have gone “option” or over the top, instead we did what they expected us to do. Also, this team needs change in QB. I have always been Allen (s) supporter. Nothing personal; Cole Kelly is taller and stronger and can run. He can change the dynamics of the offense. This is a talented team that will do well later; I am afraid not soon enough.

When you know you can’t run it in, you put it in the air.

I would have thrown it on first, second and third - and fourth if needed.

When they did, the catch was made, but Austin Cantrell ran his pattern too deep.

There’s too many changes that need to happen. I know that this staff better put all of their marbles in for Gerry Bohanon, we need a qb that is a threat to run when the play breaks down. That’s the quickest way to open things up, and last I checked, they are dominant in CFB right now.

This team is soft, couldn’t fight it’s way out of a wet paper sack.

Get over yourself and this crap. You’ve been ridiculous on almost every post.

If by ridiculous, you mean open with my opinions, based off of the product on the field, sure I guess so.

I look at what is there, we all take different opinions, but I’ve seen nothing to prove my stance wrong so far.

exactly Dudley! you throw a safe pass to to set your self up in good position on 2nd a 3rd you dont’ run on 1 st down 90% of the time and get in obvious passing situations where they can pin their back and com after you.

I was worried last week when we started a true freshman. That does not bode well for the progress of the upper class men.

You can’t candy coat the fact that our OL has digressed the past two years.

But hope springs eternal.

And I will call the Hogs win, lose or draw.

We need to do something or we are going to have a very bad year. I saw some of our OLM being pushed backwards. Not good for a team that should have one on the best, per the coach’s. Ouarterback ?

we need to do something

The biggest threats among these receivers are the worst blockers. The offense is going to have to get realistic about what it can and can’t run.

Youdaman is right. On the goal line we hand the ball off 5 yards in the back field for a dive play and give the defense time to react and tackle behind the LOS.

Our OL problems are on the coach b & coach a. There is no way we have that many 4 star OL sitting on the bench because they are not as good as our starting true freshman. They showed a highlight of Clary getting blown into the backfield on a run play that was stuffed.

Have you been in practice? I didn’t think so. Neither have I. Only the coaches know what they are seeing from these 4s who apparently aren’t playing like 4s. I have a hard time believing that they would put someone in the game who was not one of their 5 best. Are they misdiagnosing the situation? IDK. Maybe. But none of us who has not been in practice really can distinguish that.

I agree with youdaman and Dudley about goal-line situations. Sometimes you have to throw. Sadly, the one time they did throw, the TE ran his route out of the end zone. I’m wondering if that is happening in other routes, that maybe the new guys are drifting instead of running crisp routes.

I sure would not run the ball inside the 5 yard line with this team! They have shown they can’t do it just as much as the team has shown they can’t kick a field goal! I still remember the 14-13 loss to Bama! Fumble around the 5 yard line, missed field goal. And just simply did not score when the chances were there.
I would go on 4 th down every time. 50-50 shot there. No chance on field goals.
I do have a question.
When was the last time we had a kickoff return for a TD?
When was the last time we had a punt return for a TD!
With all this speed I’d sure like to see one!

Our offense can change the whole dynamic if it can stay on the field and keep the defense from getting way too many snaps. I say we focus on the TE passing game until the WR’s get their act together. The TE is a quicker route to help reduce pocket time. I think O’Grady or Patton should be split out and have Cantrell block next to the tackle.

Has anyone else noticed that our offense has a history of damage by delayed blitzes and now delayed run support? Other teams use better protection schemes and much quicker routes for the QB to unload to. Delayed blitzes have killed us under Enos.

I was always taught to run straight at a fast defense instead of letting them use that speed. I want to know why we got away from running between the guards with David Williams? Why did we mostly run Whaley off tackle and Williams run inside? Whaley was given wide and off-tackle plays against the speed of their defense…

We did a pretty good blocking of their Dline on the run game but TCU used a safety on a delay that cleaned up. WHERE was the FB after the first few series of these failures?

Hog treat you are exactly right you run straight at speed and make them take you head on and give them Nowhere to Run. I too would have like to seen us keep pounding the A gaps even use are TE and FB to trap the nose guard like we used were not going to run wide on TCU because of their speed we were playing into their hands by doing that. Passing game has to get more short combination routes, pick routes and backs out of the backfield in my opinion

First play of game we threw to a wide-open receiver (our best) and he dropped it.
Tone was set mentally for us very early in the game.
Bad decision to return kick out of endzone
penalty on the return
dropped pass
3 and out
short punt, short field, and we are behind.