As GREAT as our defense is playing, our offense has got to develop more continuity in its execution. We still have some very tough teams to play and our defense is going to be challenged to the max!
Bama especially comes to mind. Our offense has got to become more consistent and our OL has got to get better so we don’t have to depend on our defense to carry the load. If our offense can get it together our defense will be even stronger.

Yeah I’d say our O-line is still the team’s weakest link, and the receiving corp needs to step it up too. We had 3 costly drops today and were having trouble getting separation again. Burks did make up for his drop with a spectacular TD catch. Did Knox play?

I didn’t see Knox at all. I know there was some questions around him not playing. However, I don’t know what the reason might be.

Knox has a hard time getting open. Especially against press coverage. Pittman said it himself in the Georgia post game presser. He said Knox has to get open more.

He had one catch on a play that was blown dead. Looked like he picked it off his hip.

I saw that, nice grab!

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