Offense - What changes if there's no coaching changes? Our future is predictable to some extent.

Our offensive line play/talent:

  1. 2018 possibly worse
  2. 2019 there’s hope (only because we don’t know who the players will be). They will likely be young and have many ups & downs

Our QB play/talent:

  1. I have no issues with AA. He needs confidence that when he drops back to throw he won’t get hit every play. Next year we will have the same issues but CK will be throwing. He’s taller so that helps. He seems to get the ball out sooner so maybe less sacks. He will not put any additional pressure on the defense. In fact, they could pin their ears back and expose that a 6-8" guy can’t escape fast 6-5" 275 # DE’s and 6-2" 220 # LB’s.
  2. year two… same thing. We are a predictable offense. Without having linemen that would start for bama, our QB will get hammered because we can’t establish a running game or pass-pro.

Our RB play/talent:

  1. 2018 we will continue to have great RB’s. because of the above two areas, they will continue to struggle. We will rack up stats against the bad teams and have 125yard rushing days against the good.
  2. 2019 improvement will be seen due to improved line play. We are at risk of not continuing to recruit great RB’s in 2017, 2018, and then 2019 because of OL talent in 2017-2018. Now we have better OL, RB talent drops in 2019 due to recruiting.

Receivers play/talent:

  1. 2018 the existing players continue to improve. We have talent.
  2. 2019 same comment.

TE play/talent:

  1. 2018 sees no progress. We continue to struggle blocking and getting separation when we throw.
  2. 2019 who knows?

Offensively we need a change of theme. Our pro-style won’t work without great OL talent and play. We will never have the 5* guys so we better beat teams with scheme that optimizes your talent, not expose your lack of. We’ve got to have a style that makes the QB a threat to run or pass. The defense has to be on their heels mentally and physically at least 50% of the time. I like CK, but his nickname will likely change from steamboat to Statue of Liberty.

I don’t think I’m far off. With that said, Brett’s got to make tough decisions or he won’t be the guy to make them. He’s got to reevaluate what will and won’t work. It’s year 5, he should get it by now. My guess is he won’t change his philosophy.

As for defense, I’m too worn out to do that one. Someone else give it a shot. Let’s not waste our time on special teams. It doesn’t appear it’s high on our teams list anyway.

8 wins max i think is our future with this coach. And that is in a good to great year for us. sickening to me. Otherwise we have dropped to the bottom feeders of the league. I think we are ahead of Missouri and Ole Miss for now. And we will find out this year if we are the worst in the league.