Offense showed robustness

Moses was 3 of 14. He kept passing up open shots that he can make to reel in space until his shot was heavily contested. As a team, we were 4 of 15 from the arc. So, we struggled to score all night, right? Surprisingly we once again put up 1.25+ points per possession against another solid defensive team that matches up well with us. The Aggies were determined to limit the shots of Macon and Hannahs. Both barely got into double figures even though they were both 50%+ in eFG%.

We compensated by getting deuces at a 54% clip despite Moses not having an efficient night. Barford led the charge, and the supporting cast made up the difference. Watkins was our second-leading scorer with 13 points on 5 of 8 from the field, 2 Orebs, and 2 clutch FTs. Thomas and Cook chipped in 13 points combined at the PF position. Trey created easy opportunities for his teammates and contributed 5 points. Beard got a trey and a drive. The rest was at the line, which we won big 22-9 despite A&M getting in the bonus early in the first half. Thereafter, we stopped fouling. A&M was not able to capitalize much in the first half and never got close to the bonus in the second half.

We also dominated the extra possession category with 16 Orebs and 17 forced TO (16 + 17 = 33), as compared to 14 Orebs and 8 forced TOs (22) for A&M. The offensive rebounding negated A&M’s usual advantage on the boards, and we got quite a few easy buckets off of TOs. Our ballhandling was outstanding, especially in the second half.

As a result, on a night when rain from the usual suspects was downgraded to scattered showers we continued the climb up the Pomeroy offensive efficiency rankings to #19 in the nation. We’re looking pretty difficult to guard. Team balloon. Squeeze one end, the other blows up.

You painted a pretty good picture of what took place. Good comments! Team won. 3 weeks ago I don’t know if it would have happened.
Trey also did his part.

Nice info.

This post kinda reinforces what I thought as I sat in section 128 last night (got the chance to say hi to Clay, Dudley and Matt after the game; I saw Jimmy at halftime but I guess he had gone down afterward to get quotes or work on his video or something).

First four minutes were a bilateral brickfest. Neither team could throw it in the ocean, and A&M frequently couldn’t even get a shot because they turned it over. Not always due to our pressure either, just sloppy ballhandling; the Barford steal and layup that helped us put the game away late was because the ball hit some Aggie in the face and bounced away.

But once we got going, we were pretty efficient. Tyler Davis and Gilder kept them in the game; I didn’t think Davis was ever going to miss a shot, but at least Moses and Trey were able to limit his shot attempts somewhat. He got quite a few points on putbacks; our issues on the defensive glass are nothing new and not going away, with or without the zone. But we got more offensive boards than they did, and second chance points were even.

I told my son that the difference in the game was the Aggie turnovers. Again, some were due to our pressure, some were just sloppy. But we valued the orange, as Clark Kellogg would say, a lot more than A&M did.

For once I thought their attendance number was actually an underestimate. Not the 14K tickets sold, but the 10K butts in seats. My eyeball estimate, and I’m usually pretty good at this, was 12K. But then I couldn’t see who, if anyone, was in the upper deck behind me, where the student overflow sits. That area might have been vacant for all I know. The student sections downstairs were pretty full though.

Yeah we scored a deuce in the first seven possessions, 84 in the final 61.

Sorry I missed you. I typically head downstairs pretty quickly after the game ends.

Thompson’s passes are so good, it makes me laugh out loud. He is a joy to watch, and so are the players catching his feeds and scoring/dunking.

In the portion of the game when the announcer was going on and on about how silly it was to compare him to the Big O, I think he had about three assists for layups/dunks. That was a key. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we only shot 15 treys. The team decided that if the Aggies were going to extend the defense and challenge the perimeter that they would punish A&M on cuts, drives, and fouls. Trey with timely cuts by the guards is the master at exploiting the overplay. His post defense against good inside scorers has been awfully stout as well.

I’ve gotten the impression that Trey’s biggest critic is Trey. He’s playing with confidence and starting to reach his potential now. It’s allowing his intelligence to shine.

Comments: My reactions are similar although I will share this, I sense a Trey Thompson coming out party and we all (hawgball fans) are invited. As the regular season wind down to three remaining games with the post season tournaments lurking just around the corner, don’t be surprised if Trey’s points production increases from the low post position. Trey is 6’9 265 with soft big hands and quick feet. He is not so easy to move out of the lane like Kingsley…