Offense making strides, but WRs lagging in SEC play … s-strides/

Who was 1S in the Arkansas box score?

That is Deon Stewart. He had a very nice catch Saturday, for sure. Probably the most impressive of the season by a receiver.

Yes he did.

not surprising at all! Jones is the only one who has seperation skills and add to the fact we don’t like to throw slants very much(makes no sense) so if we are not going to run routes that will get them open slants,square ins etc they aren’t going to run by anyone.

First let me say, I know less than a good coach has ever forgotten. I’m just an armchair guy at best. Still, I notice you said we don’t like slants. I’ve wondered about that. I’ve always felt if you weak on the oline, and depending on how the DBs align you got slants, drags, and or outs to get the ball out fast. Are those not in the RPO package? Do our QBs have enough accuracy issues to make them not worth it? Any clue why we seem to shy away from these? Just curious about that.

I can’t give you an answer b/c it blows my mind.especially against the all blitz that Auburn came with and OM will too.we are just now throwing to the TE over the middle (i have been screaming for that all yr). the only thing I can think of is they don’t trust the QB and Wr being on the same page but really no excuse for that b/c they have had all spring,summer and fall camp,the only times we have ran them we have completed them…