Offense has improved and has lots more............

…improvement available.

  1. Dominique Reed has under achieved to date. Last Saturday, he showed glimmers of coming out of his tentative shell since the big hit in the bowl game. He is just too skinny and fragile for kickoffs and needs to be off that team. He was wide open deep for a TD which should means corners will be back pedaling early on him the rest of the season so he should be more open short in the future. He dropped a very catchable pass in the 4th quarter during crunch time. This is his money year and he better pull it together if he hopes to get paid to play someday. I think he will finish this season strong and can’t wait for Enos to take advantage of what he brings.

  2. Hatcher and Morgan have been banged up and beat up. They both are playing but are way short of full speed. If they can get healthy, they will be tough to cover.

  3. Cantrell is getting open and, so far, catching every thing thrown to him. That could be the complement to Sprinkle that has been sorely missed this year.

  4. This line looked good pulling and blocking on sweeps and that one screen pass that Rawleigh made the big gain on. Look for the line to pull to block for tight end and receiver screens. Sprinkle stays in to block and slips out for a screen pass with Skipper, Froholdte, and Ragnow leading the way has got to be these secondaries built to defend spread receivers worst nightmare.

  5. It is time to unleash Hammonds. Can you see him in the slot, shifting to running back, and running the sweep like Cornelius did? How about a screen to him? Could be very nice.

BB says Hammonds has to learn how to hang on to the ball, plain and simple. He won’t play as long as he keeps putting it on the ground.

I would like to see us run more screens to counteract the blitzes that everyone throws at us. I think we ran one Saturday that worked quite nicely; RW3 gained 16 yards on the play.

Does not matter how fast or elusive you are if when it is all over you do not have the ball. That is number 1, 2, 3 ------------- out to about 100 before something else matters.

That was a thing of beauty; a bit of Gary Anderson. Wonderful call at the 2nd most important point in the game; I give the most important play to Santos.

#4 is the most telling improvement - the OLINE. AA has been shredding defenses with very little protection. Just think how much he can do with more time to go through progressions and look off safeties. The Oline improvement opens up the run and allows the Play Action threat to force the defense to back up the safeties.

Can this OL protect and open up holes in the plains against a tough DL

Big game

Bielema made some interesting comments about the o-line. Basically said that juniors leaving early through them for a bit of a loop (aka Denver), and that it took awhile to develop these young guys. That is not a revelation–but it is public confirmation of what we have all seen. There is talent on the o-line. Froholdt is a huge talent. Wallace is talented. jake may have the least upside, and he’s started for two major programs now.

They just need to continue to gell.

AU has big quick guys, but not the speed of Bama, OM’s Haynes or A&M’s Hall and Garrett. We might actually match up better with AU.

Wallace looks better every game…looks like he is going to very good for the next couple of years

He whiffed on one sack Saturday night but other than that seemed to play pretty well.