Off topic, my sweet kitty Dixie

We had to put our 19 year old kitty down today. Took her in for what we thought was an infected tooth, and turned out it was a cancerous tumor rapidly spreading down to her throat. Very heavy hearts in my household today.


My condolences. It’s tough. Hang in there

So sorry. We had a cat named Prissy Sue for 18 years. She had developed a tumor that was going to cause her a slow death. The vet said he suggested putting her down. It was tough. Every time I passed the vets place I looked the other way. We sure missed her.

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My condolences. My cat CiCi had to be put down at age 14 with a melanoma behind her left eye a few years back, and my girlfriend’s cat Puffy also had a throat tumor in 2021 and died in her arms at age 15. The GF is still not over losing Puffy, 18 months later.

I had to put down my 17-year-old cat Spice a few years ago after an epic battle with a coyote.

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My favorite pet among my many was a black tom cat named Nick. He disappeared, and I hired a pet detective to find him…no joke. A coyote had gotten him out of my front yard in Little Rock. I still miss my Nicky.

I am so sorry. We lost our precious one in early December. I still tear up every time I think of her.

Deeply sad news. I have had cats since I was too young to remember. I love the little critters. My Booger likes to play chase, of course I lose. Sorry for your loss. Parting with our loved pets is a serious downer.

Deep sympathy for your loss. Losing our sweet companions can be unbearable. Dixie knew you loved her and had a great life because of you.

I am so sorry man. I’ve had to put down 3 dogs and a cat. Killed me every time. Our vet knows I am gonna fall apart when we reach that stage. Its really rough.

Thanks to all you guys for your sympathy. I’m getting past the voices in my head telling me I took her to the vet to get killed. I learned about that lip cancer that she had maybe 1or 2 months to live and that it would have eventually got into her lymph nodes and become even more painful, not to mention big swollen up jaw. Just got to refer to her in past tense, that she was a great loved gave love back cat.

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