off season workouts

so great to be seeing the Hogs videos of the team working out with weights and hearing that Muss has set times that he wants the players to run in the seemed that under Coach Anderson…none of this stuff was seen or known…can’t help but feel that we will be a more physical team this year than last year…any thoughts from the insiders or someone with more knowledge than me?thanks in advance…sorry if its already been discussed

I’ve heard that when you measure progress, you will see improvement. When you measure it and report it, it will excel. Setting goals and measuring progress toward those goals and sharing the progress of each player with the others can only motivate them to improve, or at least strive to meet the standard that is set for them. Usually achieving a tough physical goal translates to improvement on the field/court, but in sports, improvement is measured in terms of stats, with the W-L percentage being the ultimate measurement.

Yeah because Anderson just rolled the ball out there… :roll:

Ever think it was maybe just because Mike saw no need to share everything with the media or fans? Maybe he should have been more forthcoming, but there is definitely such a thing as too much information. Muss is getting paid to win games, not to keep the fans happy with tidbits. All the transparency in the world isn’t going to help if we’re still not making the NCAAT.

I have interviews set up with Mason Jones and Jeantal Cylla tomorrow (Tuesday) and will certainly ask about how workouts have gone to this point. Below is what Musselman said last Thursday on the SEC summer teleconference about workouts:

"We’ve added some things that are maybe a little bit new. We’ve added guys running a mile with guards having to do 5:30, wings 5:40 and 4s and 5s at 5:50 and there’s a good portion of the team that’s already passed that test. Once they made their time they’re done for the summer in running those times. Some guys who hadn’t passed originally increased their times. The weight room work they’ve done with coach (Dave) Richardson has been phenomenal.

“I wouldn’t say there’s been any one or two guys on the floor. When you’re doing individual skill stuff it’s hard to evaluate. When we’ve done team stuff, we’ve done a lot of breakdown stuff where we tried to introduce philosophical stuff, so we haven’t done a lot of competition. I think with the eight weeks we’re able to work with our guys over the 10-week summer session and then you add in when you’re going to start what I would consider a little bit earlier, but with time constraints, mid-September on it becomes a long time between games, so you certainly want to keep your guys fresh mentally and physically. We’ll do a lot more competition when guys get back from summer and then we’ll be able to evaluate a bit more, and I’m sure guys will leapfrog other people as we think about how to form a rotation and what roles guys will have.”

Swine, one of the many things I loved about Nolan was how open he was to the public during practice. I drove several times from Paragould to watch the Hogs practice. He was glad everyone was interested. He knew how to promote.

Win or lose, I’m glad cm is marketing the program. We got literally nothing from the last regime but coach speak. Bout time we had some excitement in basketball. I don’t expect an ncaa team this next year, but I’m excited about what I see and hear. Of course it eventually comes down to winning. That is why the last coach is gone. I think the move up north will actually fire up our former coach. I don’t think cm takes the job for granted. You gotta win and appease fan base somewhat , to a certain extent. Nolan not only coached, he marketed his brand also. Mike did not.

I guess the nonsense will never end. Let it go! To be glad someone’s gone, he sure get’s mentioned a lot.

It’s probably less about the fan knowledge and more about the player perception of themselves and the team’s off season performance that certainly has even more meaning if results are out in the public. Regardless, it has branding qualities about the team and that’s not an accident.

I am sure you heard about the Cleveland Hill from Mike Anderson days. It could be that Mike had them running down the hill instead of up the hill. Since there is no video, we won’t know for sure.

Yes, it was seen and known.

I wrote about it, Scottie wrote about it, Bob, Nate, etc.

I get wanting to be excited about the new guy and you should, just don’t understand why it comes at taking shots at the old guy.

I love the fact that Coach Musselman is more savvy with new media.

As for more physical, should be because it will be an older team with more men on it.

So if I liked the way Nolan was more open and accessible to the general fan and make that comment it’s a shot at Mike. Unbelievable!!

Jerry, you were not the one quoted in my post.

If I was addressing your post, I would have quoted you.

Ok Dudley. Sorry!