Of course Vanover not granted a waiver

go figure!

Everybody has a sick grandparent(s). That goes along with getting old.

We’re not a big name team anymore, of course he didn’t get a waiver.

Tennessee had one denied too. General is right though the name teams get all the NCAA favors.

Cal did no favors.

Dude do you know how stupid that is? you owe an apology theirs lots of people old and young that are deathly ill.

Richard, I suspected that was going to be a problem.

How so?

I think it’s all good the future

Can we blame Morris for the waiver denial?:sunglasses:

Absolutely, don’t forget Bert and Long either

They weren’t happy about Connor leaving and weren’t very helpful with the process.

At some time, we will play them and Muss won’t forget. I know it is just one game, but I think that our basketball is fixed. Whoooo pig sooie

I think it’s a joke for a school that a player transfers from to have any input into the waiver process! If a player has a valid reason it should be approved.
To heck with the NCAA.