Of course TT thinks we should play ASWho

He was an assistant coach there. He has an agenda on their behalf like everyone else. And it doesn’t surprise me what side he came down on the GSD. But times have changed. It’s hypocritical of him to say it’s not about the money either when Jimmy Sexton was his agent and leveraged more money for him on several occasions.

He might have been a better choice than HDN, but I’ve never liked TT. One of my favorite games was when he was at Ole Miss, it was raining buckets in Fayetteville, and the Hogs beat the crap out of Ole Miss.

What was true when TT was a kid has no bearing today.

I never thought I’d see the day, but I find myself as of late changing my views on this issue of playing A-State. The world changes. Things are different now. Instead of giving away my Coastal Carolina, Some State Directional U, and Territory State U tickets, and lots and lots of empty seats – I’d be excited about a game and attending and there would not be an empty seat in the place.

Hogs wil and should win the game 19 times out of 20 – and for the rare times they lose – it would do absolutely nothing to change or hurt recruiting. U of A is an SEC team with a long-standing D1 tradition. A-State is in some conference of a name nobody can remember that goes to made-up bowl games. An A-State occasional upset of the Hogs won’t change any of that. Sure it would be embarrassing – but so was losing to Northeast Louisiana, which happens once in a blue moon and is an indication that something is seriously wrong with the program.

As for TT – he should have been the hire. I remember a blistering OH column from back then – he was very disappointed in the UA leadership with their ultimate hire – as he should have been. TT was a proven winner in the SEC at a school with little to nothing by way of talent and took second place to an excitable young Coach who had just gone 4-7 at Boise State.

Had TT been hired, the UA history would have changed significantly – for the better – lot more Ws and I think an SEC football title that has eluded has to this day.

I agree with everything you say hawgindaslough but be prepared to get slaughtered on this board for uttering such “blasephemy”.

He won’t get slaughtered by me. I’m torn on the idea of playing the Injun Wolves, but he makes some great points. Maybe we shouldn’t play them every year, but it might be fun to put them in their place every 4 or 5 years. Like he says, if we can’t beat them, there is something very wrong with the program. They were certainly a warning sign for Nebraska, that maybe things were not going as well in Lincoln as they thought. Northern Ilini confirmed that last week.

I’m sure not going to attack you for the position, but, I am not there yet.

The “keep the money in the state” argument doesn’t hold water, as it is a zero sum game (ASU getting paid by Nebraska and us paying ULM money works the same as us paying ASU and Nebraska paying ULM).

That said, the point you make about ticket dales and attendance has some merit. At least at first the game would get a lot more attention, ticket sales and attendance than a game against ULM would.

However, I am still against doing anything to give the Injuins any credibility. I think playing them does that even if we won ever game.

I am not as steadfast against it as I once was, but I haven’t changed much.