Of all the rotten luck

Just my dang luck…

I had been keeping an eye on the Tennessee vs Alabama game and knew with the ending of the Arkansas game I’d get to watch what I anticipated would be a fantastic finish to that game. As much as I dislike both teams, I found myself rooting for the Evil Empire of Orange East.

I get settled in and a thunderhead is rolling into Fort Smith and its interfering with my Direct TV signal. I had a little with my Arkansas game but not bad. This time it went completely out.

So not to miss out I hurry into my computer room and get online. I have ATT-Uvers underground fibre-optic. Nothing is gonna mess with that. So I pull up the CBS stream and I’m watching the game that way.

I get to see Tennesse score a Touchdown and tie up the game leaving too much time for Bama and just know they will get a FG and squeak by. Bama is driving and they stall, but their normally sure kicker will give them the win with a FG with 18 sec left.


I get to see Tennessee get a pass to midfield and a timeout called with 9 seconds. They got a shot. Fingers crossed.

Big boom of thunder and a lightning flash then all my power in the house goes out for like 2 seconds, just long enough to kill all my feeds. So I figure they are in timeout, I can get the feed back because my comp restarts very fast and I’ll still get to see it.

It was not to be.

My internet decided with the irregular sudden shutdown that it needed to run a self check that generally takes about 2.5 - 3 minutes. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

SO I totally miss what happened and am really p1ssed the universe seemed to follow murphy’s law and everything that could prevent it… did prevent it.

Instead I got to sit through a phone call from my Dad raving about the finish full of excitement wanting to talk about it and all I could say was that I didn’t get to see it!!!

Just my rotten luck.

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Who gives a rats a$$, its only Bama-Tenn, you got to see the important game tho.

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Mike, evidently I “give a rats a$$”. I am a big fan of college football, not just the Hogs. I enjoy games with great back and forth and monster finishes.

This was almost as big as the Flutie finish, the Cal/Stanford band game, or even our own Miracle on Markham. Big time games with big time finishes are fun to watch. I saw all of the above and am a tad upset that I missed this big one. Though I’m sure it will make a replay. Still … just saying.


My comment sounded more serious than I meant it. I was kinda trying to say count your blessings that your reception stayed on thru the Hog game.

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I lost signal at kickoff and went to my neighbor’s house to watch the first half. The signal came back on at my home by halftime so I went back home for the second half. Grand kids and all we went across the pasture and back! It was a short road march they did well!
We had to stop and feed the chickens and play! Made in the house just before the second half kick.

As a late 90s UA grad, UTK had become my new Texas. Alabama has overtaken that role and I was pulling for UTK and happy they won.

No team will ever replace Texas on my list of teams to dislike. But I’ve lived in TN for over 25 years and I’m sick of Vol orange. Just can’t pull for them.


Got to be the orange burnt and otherwise.

Something, anything must be wrong with you IF you LIKE orange. Burnt orange or any semblance of orange is bad, puke bad…


I wear nothing orange.ever. Even with orange in it. Except when our friends son died of brain cancer at age 7. Eli was a huge TN fan. We all wore TN shirts to honor him. I then promptly gave it to his dad. Who hugged me big time.


Perhaps let me rephrase, those 2 became and have become that to me bc we haven’t played EOEA regularly since 91. You are correct, nothing can truly replace them but I for one have had enough of Bama.

My wife got my son a burnt orange shirt with a bicylce on it that says “Let’s ride”. She is a gator but largely indifferent to sports but it irks me every time he has it on. She thinks I’m crazy.

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I don’t know why we can’t have both. Texas will always be the number one orange to hate, but I also thought the Vols were an adequate replacement for a rivalry since we joined the SEC. Have hated them ever since the '71 Liberty Bowl so it was an easy transition for me, and is the number one SEC team that I always root against (Auburn is No. 2). So I hate that they won the game yesterday, not only because of that, but I wanted us to be the first team to knock off Alabama that was winless against them since Saban has been there.

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I hate ALL orange. Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Syracuse. If they are orange I hate them!


I see y’all got alot of hail up there.

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Yes we did… not too bad… pea sized with some nickel sprinkled in. What was odd was the length of it. Normally its just a couple minutes when it hails, this seemed quite long… about 10-15 minutes.

We had a really bad hail pass through here early in the year. Bad enough everyone has gotten new roofs. Funny that I have been waiting until they are a bit less busy and prices are not at such a premium and the "fly-by-night’ storm chasing contractors are all pretty much gone to the next disaster (I’d guess in Florida). That said I’m scheduled to get mine done Wednesday, so this additional hail didn’t bother me in the slightest!

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Yeah good thing you didn’t start the roof project early! We had a wild hail storm back in 18, they said it was the worst that ever hit the state here in white hall. I got video of it. Covered the grown so fast and thick, the fog off it was dang near 0 visibility.


What part of town do you live in? We live near Euper Lane school and had very little hail. My son was in Chaffee Crossing and his jeep looks like a golf ball.

I actually live in Barling, but most people (not from around Fort Smith) don’t know where that is so I say Fort Smith.

I am not far from Chaffee Crossing.

I was in Utah at our game, so I didn’t get to see the Alabama/Tennessee game, though I wanted to watch it. They would show other scores occasionally at the stadium, including that one, but I didn’t see the final until after I left the stadium.

I have YouTube TV, and this year I’ve instructed it to record every college football game shown, so I plan to find it tonight and watch at least some of it, including the thrilling end. (I could have done it on my phone at the hotel, but I wanted to wait and see it on my TV.) I arrived home today, and it’s one of the first things I want to watch. Having seen it in person, I also want to watch the TV version of our win over BYU. I still can’t believe that Houdini escape and pass KJ had on that one play.

In your case of losing electricity because of the storm, I don’t think it would have affected my recording if I’d been watching it live and that happened. I would have missed it live, but I could still go back and watch it once power was restored. At least, that’s how I think it works with YTTV, since it doesn’t record from my actual television.

One of the nice things about YouTube TV is that it is not dependent on a dish, nor on live connection. You are correct that the games will all be available, along with all of their replays.

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