Of all the bad calls and missed calls....


this one truly blew my mind.

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At around the one minute mark LSU’s PG reached around Keyshawn, in a similar play, to try to knock the ball loose. Again, absolutely right in front of the lead official who (again) made a no-call. But, as long as the refs don’t call it, do it.

This the play I was talking about involving Isaiah Joe that nobody was talking about in another thread. I’m glad you found a video just of that play. It just a perfect example of what a disgrace last night was.

The worst call of the night late in game we were onboundig ball and Jones pushed bout 10 feet and out of bounds and foul called on Jones

The obvious flagrant foul when Gafford got smashed which was ruled a common foul. Instead of FT and the ball, all we get is the ball inbounds.

This!! (And they went to the replay and still did not correct it!)

Jones had both hands around the LSU player’s waist and was grabbing his jersey. It is plain as day on video.

The play above looked pretty bad though, as I thought the charge in Lane on Joe that wasn’t called.

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If not badly mistaken we were inbounding the ball and jones trying to get open— why on the world would he be holding the LSU guy— my eyes saw the LSU guy pushing into jones chest and where else could his arms be— pushed him several feet and yes I saw the arms but he was being pushed and not pulling

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If you go back and watch that foul again, Dan gets elbowed before getting smacked in the face.

That was actually the correct call. Jones grabbed the LSU player’s shirt and pulled him toward him trying to get a foul call and the ref saw it. Lots of bad calls in that game. That wasn’t one of them.