Odom's game plan?

For all the crying we’ve done over Odom’s 3 man DL, he did good today. Give the guy credit. Not sure how he stymied LSU with the normally porous 3 man front, but he did. Bama let them have 30+ points. Odom held them to less than half of that.


Weather helped today and set up a perfect storm, but noo

Credit our fans for disrupting them…


Defense played well enough to win today


Exactly! I said before the game “What a great crowd!”

We had some good coverage in the secondary and we also brought multiple looks out of the 3 man front. He kept changing it up.

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McAdoo and Paul are going to be players…Ball is still young and we get Carter back next year

With all of our D injuries and patchwork this year, I thought D coaching against LSU among the better efforts I’ve seen in some time. D coaches and players brought what they had and did themselves proud in my view.


We constantly pressured the QB with a safety and/or a linebacker. You can disrupt the QB from a 3 man front when you utilize a 4th (and occasionally 5th) rusher. It was effective and well disguised.

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The first-team defense gave up 318 yards before replacements were put in during the fourth quarter against Auburn. The team has allowed 291 and 284 yards the last two weeks. Those are all good numbers in today’s game, and impressive given where the defense was a month ago.

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I was thinking the same thing last night. Odom is a good DC with schemes and such. He just needs more quality depth to work with. The weather definitely helped us on D but that’s football.

Will be interesting to hear after the season what’s wrong with our OL…bc they’ve taken a step back the last few games.


Are we starting to see progress in the development on the defensive side of the ball? The performance yesterday was solid. I Watch a lot of Big Ten football. Iowa is able to survive with outstanding defensive play and limited offense that scenario does not play out in the Sec…

Odom has been a huge plus for CSP, I have no doubt that Sam will do everything in his power to keep him as DC.

Time to put in the second team OL

Fundamentals have been better since open date. Tackling improved. That always helps. Scheme is not as important as fundamentals.

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Best effort by our defense I’ve seen this year. WPS

Tackling Sat was huge. Probably one of best days of the season.


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