Odom's defense

We rotate the DL to some extent. Ridgeway had four tackles against Moo U but the two solos were emphatic.

It’s both … just depends on which subgroup of “we” you’re talking about.

There’s the really smart “we” who KNOWS what it takes to play winning defense, and therefore passionately criticize Odom for failing to do so.

Then there’s the stupid sheep “we” who blindly follow Odom because we foolishly believe he’s somewhat more qualified than we are to scheme his players.

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We think you are correct.

They played Nichols and Carter in relief of Ridgeway. Staff actually did a really good job of rotating defensive players the whole game in all three levels of the defense, which was made easier by MSU’s frequent substitutions-which gives us the chance to substitute as well.

Pool, Henry and Morgan shuffled in and out at LB. They were rotating DBs some as well, though that looked more situational at times. I’d guess we probably had somewhere between 22 and 25 guys get defensive snaps Saturday.

I thought Ridgeway played well anytime you get 3-4 tackles from the nose guard position that’s a heck of a game in my opinion.

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Thank you for recapping . I see the 2022 class has two defensive linemen listed and SP has said they are full until the number going into portal is clearer. I guess my point was we are probably limited in running a four down scheme unless we get more depth. Also how many of those listed will be contributors like the three transfers we have this year. I know we have had some play but basically we have had to rely on about 5-7 and even that did not prevent us from wearing down by end of three game stretch in Oct.

[quote=“2022-2023 Arkansas Football Commits, post:1, topic:45809”]
Nico Davillier, DL, 6-5, 275, Maumelle
[/quote]• JJ Hollingsworth, DE, 6-4, 250, Greenland

Cherry picking data makes the discussion just a rant. Thanks for the data.

No I’m just bringing the facts of how our defense has played, nothing more,. nothing less,is what it is.

We’ve got several guys in the 2021 class of DL who have a chance to get a leg up on playing time in 2022 in the bowl practices and spring practice.

A couple of the older guys who have not shown much to date also are going to have a chance to make a move. Lots and lots of college DL, including some of our guys that are now or have played in the NFL, did not really do much until they were redshirt juniors or even seniors. The three guys who started for us Saturday all are a lot better players now than they were as sophs or even juniors.

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I understand. Let’s hope some make a move as Odoms defense is highly dependent and SEC is line scrimmage league. I do think portal has changed building depth like it was in past.

I prefer not to take away the A&M game since they are ranked high and beat Alabama. I think that is a signature win for this program and it was accomplished with KJ injured for much of the game.

Holding that bunch to 10, is good even if Calzada was a newbie.

Take away Spiller’s long run and Aggies got nothing that day. But I’m gonna leave that as part of their offensive output.

If you say, take out the Texas game, I’m gonna get upset.


If and when they bear Alabama, please don’t take that one away, too. Lol.


Also need to take away 14 points scored on a blocked punt and fumble recovery in the end zone, as the defense didn’t give up those points!

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I just took away the lowest scoring game for both offense and defense… giving up 33 points a game in the 5 games.
39 if you took out A&m game. Offensive score in 25 points a game in the five games and if you take out the shutout in Georgia they’re averaging 31…Either way we end upl osing by 8 pts a game

The point I’m making is you’re not going to beat many SEC teams when you’re giving up 33 points a game. The only thing I’ve been surprised at is why we haven’t tried something else when it clearly wasn’t working especially with a very veteran defensive team you could easily do that with. I’ve just been shocked that we stayed in the same 3 men front and let Georgia ram it right down our throat. And last week the same 3-2-6 and let Mississippi State almost beat us.

I just think if you run the same thing 98% of the time the offense is going to figure out how to attack it that’s the only thing I’ve said all along. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a variety of defense is like we kind of said we were going to do when what we were doing clearly wasn’t working, but if you’re happy the way the defense is playing then not much I can say.

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I was joking. If you take away the low, take away the high. Diving competition rules.

You can do it anyway you want!

Played 4-man front most of Auburn game. Lost that one.

Yeah we sure did pretty much gave that game away…
This thread was about Odom’s defense I was just bringing out the numbers which tell you how you’re playing nothing more,nothing less. Not going to win many games when you force your offense to score 33+ to win a game is all I’m saying

Love these discussions. I can recall a visit with Joe Craddock after a scrimmage when the offense looked good. He said it’s hard to know when you get easy stuff in blitz pickup against outmanned corners. Enough said. I had a similar discussion with Paul Petrino. He said the corners he faces in practice may not have given them a good look for SEC man coverage. He said their wideouts torched them in practice when they tried to run a man with blitz and it would be doubtful that would be run in games. That was Jarius Wright and Joe Adams and other stars. Still he made a point.

yeah and it’s easy to call plays when you know where the defense is every play as well.takes all the guess work out of it.to do the same thing over and over but expect different results is insanity.
My point is you do the same thing all the time you are not going to as successful as you are if you mix up and possibly confuse the offense bc they thought you were in what you have been in.
Most of your great defense show you a LOT of different looks.

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The point I was making is if you see in practice that you can’t run it, not likely it will be called in a game. They ran a lot of 4-man stuff with blitzes in spring. That was with Catalon, Gordon, Slusher and Bishop healthy.

Well if that is the case then we are really in bad shape bc this is a Veteran defense…Lord help us next yr. with a lot of new people coming in.

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