Odom & Scherer see major LB

target Tackett Curtis.

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Afraid it’s an uphill battle now against OState

why in the heck would he want to go that far away when he could come here and start and its a lot closer and in a system taylor made for LB

I suppose the allure of the big name is one thing Youda. He may be one of the kids that wants to get as far away from home as possible. I do think that his current head coach should correctly spell Coach Barry Odom’s name

Well every time I’ve heard him talk he raves about how much he loves Sam and Coach scherer and the linebacker scheme. I guess we’ll just have to see

I know! That part doesn’t = what we’re seeing as far as what’s being reported as his favorite team

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OSU, Wisconsin and Arkansas battle unless something changes.

Saw that he has scheduled visits for tOSU, USC, and Wisconsin. No Arkansas visit set, yet.

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