Odom mentioned for the Longhorns now


Odom recently bought a house in NWA so had hoped he was committed to staying. Agree with the Argghh!

Any idea what ut is paying for a DC?

Looks like this is happening…

This is what happens when you have excellent Assistant Coaches, but texass!

Also lost our strength coach, Jamil Walker, to South Carolina too.

I’m not as sold on Odom as the rest of the world, I think we could end up w a better recruiter at DC it Odom leaves.

Is it confirmed the strength coach is leaving? That’s a bigger blow in my mind, there’s an area where you need continuity

If ut is not a done deal, LSU is also interested in Odom. Perhaps Muschamp as DC?

Good chance Sam Carter is out with him too.

Hasn’t been announced about Walker yet, but Guiton hasn’t been announced either.

Funny… Muschamp turning down Texas is why Texas is going after Barry Odom.

No expectations that Muschamp would return to ut - lingering bad blood there after his departure. Muschamp was supposedly heir to the ut HC position.

I cant see Muschamp turning UT down to come here. I figure we will be picking an up and coming DC from a lower conference. Then replacing him in 2-3 years when he goes to another SEC school… lol

He was named head coach in waiting when Mack Brown was the coach. Texas was the first team I can remember doing that.

No. The South Carolina 247 site reported he is expected to interview at South Carolina. He and Shane Beamer worked together for a year at Georgia.

Chris Ash is working on an $800,000 per year contract right now, but he is also receiving money from his buyout at Rutgers.

Todd Orlando was paid $1.7 million per year before he was fired and Ash was hired.

Arkansas has paid as much as $1.6 million per year to John Chavis. Odom is making $1.3 million per year currently. And it’s worth noting that Arkansas stops making buyout payments to Chavis after next month.

Love our staff, but as long as Sam leads the show, I am OK with whoever he brings in. Odom is a good coach, liked his Missouri teams and think he could build our defenses into good defenses, but if he feels he needs to jump at a different opportunity after one year, then fine. I believe there are other good options out there, and I guess we better get used to the fact that there will always be programs out there throwing money around and if we have coaches motivated by such attention and opportunities, then we will just need to stay up on up and coming coaching candidates and be ready to adapt. Coach Pittman needs the be the stabilizing influence and overcome the changing pieces.


Well said KeithGuthrie!

Charlie strong wouldn’t be a bad option, plus he’s from ark and a good recruiter.


This would be my choice if Odom left, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Edit: I should also add that I’m fine with whoever Pittman should bring in.

Charlie has a bad taste in his mouth from Arkansas. At one point he said he would never consider coming here. But maybe things have changed in recent years…

Arkansas doesn’t pay elite football program money to coaches.

We have to expect our best coaches to leave for elite coaching programs unfortunately.