Odom Defense

Earlier in the week I made a Post on the game and stated that it seemed the SEC had caught up. He had worked some miracles by rearranging the deck chairs. I expressed the fear that the ship was going down regardless of the deck chairs. He does not have many SEC level players with which to work. They have to get bigger, stronger, and quicker/faster. Stevie Wonder can see it.

We will never know but, we got a stop on third down with a 14 pt lead and got an unsportsman flag. That stop could have made the difference. The jester sure did not seem like much too me, but you just can’t do those things. Make the play (that is why you are out there), and then turn around and go get ready for the next one. Would it have mattered? We sure had them on the run then.

Seemed like a BS call, especially the way mizzou players were pointing every time they did something and yes we need SEC level d-lineman for sure.

It was a BS call but a teachable moment, next time jut go back and get lined up for the next play

I think that play was the turning point. Our offense was clicking & that was a huge stop. MO went on to score on that drive.

No doubt we can’t do that kind of thing. I hate it anytime a player does it. Regardless, it was an absolutely atrocious call. We see that & much worse all the time.

Speaking of getting lined up , about time for the defensive line to know how to do that to avoid penalties. Maybe some extra work on field goals and extra points. Details matter in best football conference in country. Talent and speed needs to improve but as general rule Ark. has been competitive in the games they have played. TAM and Florida are the probable exceptions.


I believe Joe Foucha drew the flag for strutting after the incompleted pass.

What I don’t understand is that his actions are common place throughout the college and NFL ranks. He didn’t do anything different than thousands of others.

Now, personally, that is not my personality. Make a play and get ready for the next. Don’t strut around because I might be the goat on the next play or later in the game. As they say, “He who laughs last, laughs best”.

Very unfortunate and hopefully as previously stated above, it will become a teachable moment.


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