Ode to Chad Morris

Brought to you courtesy of Dandy Don and Monday Night Football!!

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I think Club Dub was the only party of the Chad Morris error. Petula Clark crashed that party and the rest is history.

Not sure I understand the Petula Clark reference???

I’d have gone more with Lesley Gore - Its My Party

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
You would cry too if it’s happened to you


Petula asked if anyone knew the way (to beat) San Jose. That turned out to be the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. Party over.

That’s what confused me… Do You Know the Way to San Jose was not Petula Clark, it was Dionne Warwick 1968. When I think Petula Clark I think Downtown… that was her big song… well one of many.

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Ah yes you are right. It was DW who dropped the T in the PB. My bad.

We ain’t been to a party in the Morris era, the lights have been off since he was hired.