Odds on new head coach

This is a real on-line betting service, probably off-shore. If you join their site, I’m sure they would let you place a limited amount bet. I doubt Vegas would set a line or take bets on our next coach, but I don’t know.

And if a big chunk of money on the Arkansas job came in out of nowhere, particularly on the field, it would set off alarm bells in the Caymans or wherever they are offshore.

I doubt we will have any real idea about who the next coach will be until HY makes the announcement. All the names being tossed around are just pure speculation. I sure don’t want Gus! Anybody but him!
After the CEM basketball hire I believe HY will do his job and own it just like he said today! I hope we have our new head hog before December 1!

I have seen different coaches with different odds. My number 1 choice is on this list and my 2nd choice and a good one according to football scoop is not even on the this list.

Las Vegas odds? Like Arkansas one point favorite over WKU?
Vegas as odds for everything.

One name not being mentioned: Dan Enos.

I know everyone associates him with the Bielema era, but he has HC experience, he can develop QBs, good OC.

Rather have him than Gus.

I had thought about Enos to. Probably doesn’t have enough wow factor except being on Sabans staff lately.
Yea he would come here to work, not to just get paid like Gus.

Was looking at FSU candidate list to compare to ours - some overlap:
FSU Dream list: Bob Stoops & Uban Meyer
FSU Realistic list: M. Stoops, Leach, Fleck, Venables, Norvell, Clawson, Richt, Fickell, Kiffin, Campbell, Franklin, Rhule, Bowden, & Harbough. Surprisingly Jimbo Fisher is on the list.

With his time & success in FL, I could see Kiffin going to FSU.