Odds on new head coach

Odds to be next Arkansas coach via @betonline_ag

Mike Norvell 2/1
Eliah Drinkwitz 3/1
Lane Kiffin 4/1
Bill Clark 5/1
Sonny Dykes 6/1
Mike Leach 6/1
Hugh Freeze 8/1
Gus Malzahn 12/1
Bobby Petrino 18/1
Houston Nutt 25/1

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I saw that earlier.

In your opinion, how legit are these odds?

IMO only 2 on that list might turn this around.
Freeze, but comes with baggage, rehabbed or not our situation might cause him to backslide.
Kiffin, different type of baggage but it’s legal baggage lol. Seems to have matured lately though. 1st choice of the bunch.

It means absolutely nothing, but my guess is that we go big for Norvell but it doesn’t work out.

We end up with Bill Clark. Napier would get my3rd bet.

I think Kiffin has disproved himself, the bottom three are not in the picture.
I’m on the sideline just observing.

I wonder what the odds would be on “someone else”? Probably even money, and if I was forced to bet, I’d probably take the 1-1 on someone else.

Worst bet on the above board - Drinkwitz, with HDN a close 2nd.

I imagine, this guy has probably perused all the Arkansas sports message boards and gathered these names. He has then set his odds by “most mentioned names on message boards”. He’s trying to actually make easy money by drumming up betting business from we message board posters.

No odds, just some initial comments on the candidate list:
Kiffin a big gamble based on his lack of maturity & short tenure at every school. I see us as a stepping stone for him & another bad ending for UofA. Time under Saban would be a big positive. Would not offer him a big buyout.
Drinkwitz may be a great candidate but limited experience is a risk. No doubt he & his wife would love to return to AR. His beating South Carolina did not hurt his resume. He may prove be a great HC & would consider him with low buyout but opportunity to increase that & compensation with proven success. AD would need to do a lot of behind the scenes research on him.
Norvell supposedly had prior but undisclosed issues that some say disqualify him. His teams play with energy & enthusiasm. Not sure about his recruiting but has both TX & AR ties.
Leach is at best a lateral move for us that will always limit us to being no more than the spoiler & underdog team. He is getting too old & his record, especially this year, in a lousy Pac12 is hit & miss. He blames his players for their failures & rarely takes any responsibility - a big complaint about CCM.
Sonny Dykes is interesting consideration. He inherited good talent at SMU & was a windfall to get ut transfer Buechele who wanted to be close to DFW home. Without Buechele, would Dykes even be a consideration?
Gus only if we can get him without paying a buyout & reasonable compensation. Arkansas fans may be so polarized by him such that we have already destined UofA with him as HC to failure.
HDN has same negatives as Gus per polarized fan based. His ego, his stale old style offense & his ongoing search for other HC opportunities while at UofA were & may continue to be a huge turn-off.
Petrino too risky. Despite his great offenses, his character & last run at Louisville make him a big NO.
Wish that Rhule was an option & may be worth an inquiry by HY. His buyout & long term aspirations may disqualify him.
Clark, Napier, Freeze, or Holtz = ?

I’m thinking the same thing, given what we saw from HY on the basketball search.

I know I’ve seen a few other names mentioned that aren’t on that list

Any thoughts on Ted Roof?

Better put Lunney up there with odds equal to, or better, than Petrino or Nutt (neither of which will happen unless HY resigns in protest). He is going to give it a great shot these three weeks. He will make folks pay attention after that press conference.

I think that’s a pretty good analysis. But I’m not sure we want Gus even if we can get him without a buyout.

Yep. A bet on the field against these favs would be a pretty darned good bet. In fact, I’d Immediately eliminate about 4 of those.

After Gus went to Auburn & how he used AR for a pay raise, I agree with your opinion. Had believed & hoped Gus was a lifetime pro-Arkansas, but he proved otherwise.

After being an insider & participant of the HDN vs Gus debate during the HDN era, realize we can’t renew that discussion. Polarizing the AR fan base again is the last thing we need at this time - which likely disqualifies both as HC candidates.

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I don’t think it’s one of the people listed

IF these were real odds that you could bet on, HY and the Foundation should go to Vegas and place a huge wager on the candidate right before it is announced. CBB, CCM, JL, and the buyout for the new coach could all be paid off.

yes he is one of those coaches that is better as a coordinator than had coach. Look at his Duke run. very bad.

I think that would set off a few dozen alarm bells in the sportsbook and the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Of course now they could spread it around in Tupelo and New Jersey and Vegas and even at Oaklawn…

They can give me the money, I’ll bet it, or will I …