Odds of Spencer Rattler entering the portal?

Seems like the 2021 thing to do. If Caleb Williams stays healthy, Rattler may have played his last game as a Sooner.

My bold prediction is that he plays for Kiffin next.

He’s been out of high school three years. My guess is he enters the NFL draft.

Will be an interesting thing to see how it plays out especially considering the NIL stuff he received as the original starting QB for the sooners and a heisman favorite. That NIL may be biting someone on the backside about now.

more NFL money awaits than any thing Oxford or elesewhere can scrounge for NIL… Still will be top tier of drafted QB’s no matter what this coming draft.

I wasn’t so much thinking about future NIL money/offers for him as I was wondering how the people/businesses that have already provided NIL to him are feeling at this particular time. And curious how that might effect their “giving” in the future. And will the rest of the NIL world be watching that as well. He was a Heisman top contender so it looked like a sure NIL bet but now his butt is riding the pine. So not too sure that NIL was money well spent.

Rattler signed with NFL agent Leigh Steinberg for his NIL. He was setting himself up for well beyond his time in Mobilehoma.

Perhaps you are right. I guess we’ll see. But I can’t think of a good example of a “top tier” (I assume that is first round) QB who lost his starting job due to performance, then went on to be a 1st round NFL pick.

But, yes, much more NFL money available than NIL, so I can see his next stop being with a professional team.

Troy Aikman lost his job at OU due to injury but could see he wasn’t going to get it back. So he transferred to UCLA and you know the rest. Jalen Hurts lost his job at Bama to Tua.

Wasn’t there also an issue of OU going back to the Wishbone? Or did that happen in response to Aikman leaving? I was thinking OU said it was going back to the Wishbone first, but could have it backwards.

Hurts example is a good one. Not the Aikman example. Troy might have never been a Bruin without the injury.

I don’t think Switzer was comfortable running the pro offense for Aikman. He liked it much better letting Jamelle Holieway run the Bone. They had dropped the Bone specifically because Troy wasn’t an option QB. Miami broke Aikman’s leg and probably would have won that game if he’d stayed healthy.

Either way, Troy did not lose his job due to performance.

On second look, Hurts was a 2nd round draft pick. And that came after transferring to OU and having a very good season. Impressive, of course, but not “top tier “.

The point remains that there is not much of a precedent for a QB to lose his starting job (for performance) in college and immediately become a 1st round pick in the next NFL draft.

I haven’t kept up with OU. I take it they benched their starting QB against Texass? Middle of the game? I saw they came back and beat Texass but didn’t watch the game or read any stories about it.

Yep. Rattler got benched in midgame. The fans who were chanting for the backup during the West Virginia game got their wish.

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