Oddball College Football Stat of the Week

If you are a FBS team and want to get your ailing pass attack healthy, play a team from Arkansas.

Heading into this weekend, the Razorbacks have already allowed 11 pass plays of 30 yards or more.

The ONLY FBS team that has allowed more? Arkansas State. (per ESPN)

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So what you are saying, don’t grab any ASU defensive backs from the portal?


Why is our secondary so bad? I know we’ve been without 2-3 of our better ones the last couple of games, but one would think an SEC secondary would still be no worse than about 60th in the country.

Is it scheme? Is it lack of depth or talent? Or have we just played some very skilled QB’s early in the season? (I’d like to think it’s facing top QB’s with an injury depleted secondary, but I don’t know that.)

Most have wanted a 4-man rush and sending linebackers. Sack total is way up but it’s cost in coverage. Less guys dropping into coverage has been an obvious result of more pressure. It should result in more turnovers. It did not against Mo State despite knocking the Qb down a lot. Ultimately those sacks shut down Bears at end.


Biggest weakness is YAC, courtesy of poor back-end tackling. Tidy that up and all the numbers look better. And, force opponents into riskier passing plays.

agree that YAC is abysmal, is sending more then more pressure should result in easier coverage or that is the usual pro explanation. We still need up the middle pressure which makes it harder for QB to go thru reads which happens to us as well as the deep already by our coverage routes that just need an accurate throw to add to our miserable stats. That was not a Catalon strong point, in the box Cat was great but not deep coverage. Diminishes one of our excuses. Seems that our recruiting focus recognizes that we are in need of back coverage and we are trying to solve that issue.