Oct 12 biggest game since LSU to go to Sugar

This is my personal feelings. Yes we have more talent than last year. However, last week I felt more defeated as a hog football fan than I could ever remember. Worst Power 5. Then today, the game plan, motivation, and result all vastly improved. I like everyone here crave for respectability. UK is beatable. Win or lose the game 2 weeks from now it is a huge measuring stick for progress. Show me another hard fought, quality effort with good football and I’ll buy into upward trajectory. Lay an egg and I’ll put my head back in the sack. 2 weeks to prep.

Two weeks to rest up and prepare are a big deal in my opinion for this team to shake the dust off their feet a little. Getting some key players back will be crucial, but yes, I believe we can beat Kentucky.

Looks like Kentucky is off next weekend also.

If we show up with the effort we gave today I can get onboard with you on beating Kentucky. We will go in with some confidence and that’s been in short supply for a couple years. WPS

I’m watching them right now and am not impressed in the least. We can beat these guys