OC rumors?

What is the speculation on KB taking another job? I’ve heard HC at FAU and possibly aTm OC. Not sure if this is just bs or if it has legs?

Any inside info?

I’ve heard a couple

I don’t see him leaving unless it’s for a HC job. Is FAU big enough for him to leave? Maybe, not sure.


I have heard South Carolina is gonna make a run at him. He has been mentioned at liberty since he was oc for his dad when the ad at liberty was ad at Baylor.

Don’t think he leaves unless he gets a good head coaching spot.

He is familiar with and knows what is on the table at FAU. He was OC there under Kiffin in 2017, before going to Florida State with Willie Taggart.

I don’t really see his body of work here being that attractive to anyone to make him a HC to be perfectly honest. Now him going somewhere else to be the OC I might could see that… we shall see


It was a great stepping stone job for Kiffin. Of course, it’s not apples to apples, since Kiffin also had previous head coaching experience at the Power 5 level.

FAU also is in a beautiful city (Boca Raton) and great place to live for a few years. Kiffin also proved it’s a great location to attract solid transfer portal players. I believe KB and his family could be happy there. I lived there for over 10 years and loved it.

I just saw a little bit of the town and the school when I attended a satellite camp when Bret was here and Charlie Partridge was the HC there. I think they upgraded the facilities since I was there. They definitely needed upgraded.

The airport next to campus was unquie.

You would have been there around 2014? I’m not sure what you are including in “Facilities”, but the stadium was just built in 2011, so it shouldn’t have needed upgrading. Now if you’re talking about the overall campus, lots of those buildings are (or were in 2013, when I left for Arkansas) pretty old.

I was there in 2016.

Talking football complex.

Looks like FAU is hiring Tom Herman. If KB is leaving, it won’t be for the Owls’ nest.

The odds continue to improve for UA keeping its staff intact…through signing day.

The “new normal” is signing day confetti barely settling to the floor and position coaches start moving about. That may something we have to worry about - lots of chatter about Jimmy Smith, and one of these days folks will realize that Scherer is a great coach and becomes a DC. There is room to boost both salaries, and reason to do so - their positions performed as well as any for UA this year, and recruiting and development once on campus seem to be a big plus. I also thought the work of Dom Bowman improving Nudie and converting McAdoo to CB was nothing less than stellar. I hope he doesn’t get a raise before we can appropriately have the chance to reward him.

All of that to remind - staff stability is a key to long-term, slow-build maybe, program growth. Despite the stability of the coordinators every position coach replaced a Pittman hire except Smith. It would be nice for all of those guys to mature together another year.

Maybe I am misreading things badly?


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