OC positions in sec open

With the OC position at both South Carolina and Kentucky opening up I have seen some rumors out there that both schools may have interest in briles. I believe loggains interviewed at Kentucky last year also.

I know some here would say good riddance with both however I think we would take a huge recruiting hit, especially with Oklahoma area high school recruits.

I think stability is the key and this staff, on both sides of the ball, needs to stay together, for better or worse, for this coming year. Don’t need to lose too many to portal or to other schools in recruiting and this is one way to accomplish this.

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Texas A&M is open, too. And Auburn will be looking for one.

And he’s listed as a potential hire for FAU where he was an OC before as well.

I’m not going to cry a tear if it happens. I know that surprises everyone here. :rofl:

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We may all cry if we lose tease hasz and a couple of other recruits….

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Shocking… :joy:

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Three points here:

  1. Everyone was afraid of that when HDN was leaving with the recruits we had coming in then. Many of those were saved and it even improved some.

  2. 17-18 year old kids are wishy washy and can change their commitment at any time for any reason, doesn’t matter who is recruiting them.

  3. The new hire might have even better recruits they are in on.

I’m not sure it’s nearly as big a deal how we do in HS recruiting under the new portal rules. I don’t want to denigrate HS recruits, but the world has changed. Any HS recruit has to play early or he’s likely gone. Sure seems to me the old “develop a player to contribute as a junior and senior” is history.

The bixby tight end can start for us. We lose these guys he is headed to Alabama.

Wr tease is real deal also.

Need great young talent so don’t have to portal so much and use it like bama to cherry pick a player not use it to field an entire team. That strategy will eventually backfire on you


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