OC/OG Curtis Dunlap headed to florida..

I know that a lot of people might disagree, but I’m really starting to doubt Kurt andersons recruiting abilities. Sam Pitman was on point with these top lineman like Wallace Kirkland Merrik ragnow ect ect. We’re not landing or considered close to landing and of these highly sought after OL guys… in our offense that just don’t fly. Expect very average seasons if we can’t recruit a position that we as a program hang our hats on.

This is a legit concern. We are still relying on pitman recruits on the OL this year. Soon we won’t have those guys

I’m not denying it is a concern. They had earned the benefit of the doubt until last year’s debacle.

That said, it is hard to judge Anderson’s recruits at this point. You don’t usually want a lot of young/new OL in the mix.

If Froholdt pans out like I think he will, Anderson should get a lot of credit for that.

But, I am not sure how to judge Anderson’s recruits. You don’t sign Jucos to sit so Ramirez and Malone (so far) seem to be misses. It’s probably too early to tell on Heinrich.

And, I’m not one that looks at the 2017 OL commit list and automatically downgrades it because they were tabbed as 3 stars.

On the other hand, there were several highly rated recruits at the end of Pittman’s tenure that haven’t panned out, yet.

I think it’s fair to say Pittman, Anderson and CBB have had a hand in the OL being sketchy, lately.

Good post. Expresses my feeling about this subject as well.

Can’t hang Malone and Ramirez on Anderson in my book. They were late reaches in an attempt to find useful bodies once Pittman’s wafer thin wish list went poof and he left (not sure which was first, they seemed to happen about the same time).

Sam did not get Denver or Frank…