OC Dan Enos

is expected to visit the school of highly regarded 2019 quarterback Grant Gunnell, 6-6, 190 of Houston St. Pius in December.

He has offers from Houston, Oklahoma State, Florida State, Texas A&M and others. His grandfather played on the Hogs’ 1964 national championship team.

Gunnell visited during the spring game.

What is his grandfathers name? Thanks…

Why hasn’t his name been very prominently mentioned? If we don’t get him, something is seriously wrong with our recruiting!!!

No need to knee jerk about something you have no knowledge of. Who knows? Maybe the other side of the family is all Aggies?

These things are rarely as clear cut and one dimensional as they may appear at a glance. And the kid is only a HS soph. Give it some time to play out before you start melting down.

Do a search on wholehogsports.com and you’ll see he has been mentioned. I’ve tweeted his stats just about every week.


LB Jim Price.

Gunnell was 18 of 31 for 351 yards, 4 TDs on Friday. He also had 54 yards rushing to help St Pius X to 10-0 record.

He’s been here visiting twice and we wrote about it both times.

His dad is good friends with Jack Peavey - dad of former Arkansas and current SMU QB Rafe Peavey - and the kids are friends as well

Is the Peavey connection good or bad for us?

I don’t see it being a problem.