OC candidates

Bring in Rich Rod or Lashlee…if Sam wants to run the spread…

Or his buddy Jim Chaney

Can’t put an OC list together until you know the offensive philosophy ?

My first call would be…

Hence the word “if”…

Lashlee and I’ll fully get behind Sam

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Also like him

He has to get the Coordinator positions correct. I think they both need to be someone with a little more clout. I’m not advocating for Jim Chaney, but someone who has coordinated in the SEC before is preferable. I don’t think a staff full of people new to their position is going to attract many recruits.

Please no to Jim Chaney. He was not good at Arkansas…went to Pittsburgh, over to Georgia and now Tennessee.

Rich Rod would be fine with me. He had Ole Miss rolling with his system the 2nd half of the year.

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I could see Enos returning as OC. When we still had offensive linemen, his 2015 offense was pretty darn good, 35 points and 466 yards a game, 65% passing for BA and 3400 passing yards, 1500 rushing yards for Budda.

I don’t think Pittman would hire Enos because of the East-West vs. North-South thing

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Hire a guy, Miami wants to fire. And switch back to a pro style? Exactly what would be the downfall of Pittman.

He needs to get with the times and hire a good OC who runs a modern offense, that our best players were recruited to play in .

Dreaming don’t think Sam cares much for his offense

I would consider Barry Lunney as coordinator and QB coach. He knows Sam’s blocking scheme. He can coach QBs. But, I think Sam probably has someone he wants to bring.


I’ve thought that promoting Lunney may have been part of the deal. I’d take lashlee, too. However, I just want him to hire an OC that will be dynamic.

Lunney would be a bad OC hire, this isn’t the time to find out if he is OC material, we need a sure fire OC. If he wants to be an OC he needs to try and get a gig at a G5 school or smaller.

Hiring a guy with no HC experience and then a OC with no OC experience wouldn’t be a good idea. To me, for sure, atleast. I don’t count his days 15 years ago with fitz either.

I can’t imagine him not talking with Chaney. Aren’t they very good friends?

Yes, and he better not even think about it.

No issue with Cheney coming here.

He would never have touched it with last staff.

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Tennessee’s offense was ranked #100 this year, a whopping 8 spots higher than ours. He is making 1.5 M per year. There’s a reason he can’t stay at an SEC school it’s because his offenses are not good and very predictable. Pro style is a thing of the past.

Rich Rod makes the most sense for a few reasons…mainly to help Sam with being a head coach…Sam needs a few former head coaches on the staff…might get a couple of Ole Miss transfers pissed about Luke as well…