Obvious we are NIT bound

Anyone who has been a Razorback fan through the years could feel this trap/loss coming. Look at our schedule. If we have 23 wins we end up in the NIT. This one is on the players not MA. 2 point game with 5 minutes left and we take 2 hurried 3’s and they drive to the basket 3 straight possessions. Kingsley was awful awful awful.

It’s on all of them, including MA and his whole staff. No defense, no offense, no nothing. We gave up 47 points in the first half. But we are really struggling on defense, just like we have all year. 17 turnovers.

Can Mike get it done here? So very disappointing. We need to win at Florida or Carolina which probably doesn’t happen. Hard pill to swallow in year 6.

Totally agree… CMA’s future is in jeopardy after next season.

I’m mildly surprised that this thread hasn’t been hijacked with attacks on your mention of NIT. The experts on this board only come to defend when we’ve just posted a win I guess.