Observed in the PC

There was no I did this or that. It was we. It started with ole aw shucks Sam. It was the players did this and that just like I knew they would to I have great coaches and they made the adjustments (don’t believe Sam was not behind a lot of that - especially more running the ball straight ahead.

Then, each of the players gave credit to their teammates and their coaches and never, I mean never, was there I made this play or that. Little nuggets like that tells you what is going with this team and what Sam has brought.

I bet everyone of them expects to go down to Florida next week and win. No one else probably does, but we don’t count. I love that.

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He is so comfortable in his own skin that it’s easy for him to give the praise to others. That’s just one of the things that endears him to us fans. See how he praised Briles so much tonight.

“I called that play!”

The Hogs are playing with passion and teamwork! No “i” in team!


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There is no showing off and running out to be by yourself when a guy makes a play. They play hard every down like the days when we were a Top 10 program. Old school is what we do, and I am so proud to have that back. I never dreamed Sam Pittman would be this kind of a head coach. He is stand up guy and a good person. How could you not pull for a guy like this?

Guy, have you ever made a statement you’d like to take back?

I don’t think Nutt has ever thought it was the wrong thing to say…

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