1. When you have to continually shuffle offensive line you got problems. Got no push on running plays. Allen will be in body cast if they can’t shore it up. Doesn’t look like we have much talent up front. Losing skipper and probably ragnow after this year doesn’t bode well for future. 2. Enos needs to do some self scouting. Aggies were well prepared for bootlegs and jet sweeps. 3. Probably need to develop a short passing game to keep Allen alive. Only positions of strength is receivers and qb. 4. Pulley still looks like best corner. Wish he were defender on long pass rather than dean. 5. We have no clue how to stop running qbs. 6. Comments I read from coach tell the tale. They spread us then ran straight at us and gutted us. Smith was out schemed. side note: even though I hate ole miss, it was nice to see Chaneys offense choke. They have offensive line problems also. After the cupcake we play next week, every game is going to be a struggle for us. With Bama up next, 0 and 2 is our probable start.

The play action offense is not predictable IF you can run the ball. We couldn’t run the ball so we were neutered as a play action offense. You are right, Enos needs to analyze what we have to do when a team thoroughly takes away our run game. We need to find a few JUCO OLineman badly and some top HS OLineman because we have some players that have NOT panned out. Our depth has still not been developed at LB’s and it shows in fatigue in 3rd and 4th quarters. We should have been playing back up LB’s and Def Backs against Texas St. Ty Storey should have played more than a few snaps. Back up development is a major gripe I have with this staff.

I like what you said Treat about playing Ty a bit more. I remember the old ball coach Lou Holtz when he was here used to put the back up Quarterback in for a series each game regardless. Sometimes even in a odd spot. It just gave him game experience so he wasn’t like a deer in the headlights when his number was finally called in a desperate situation!