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Great article. Lots of good information there.


I know it’s one pre-season game…but should we read anything into Gabe O playing 1 minute in a game we only had 8 players?

I just have a feeling he is a developmental player that won’t get much time which means we have 10 legit scholarship players, including 2 that have been or are currently suspended. Scary.

What I read into it, without having seen the game, is we never put away a far inferior opponent in an exhibition game. A far cry from championship basketball years. Having 8 players was a big handicap highlighting that we can’t win with just a couple of good guards. We need more size and length. Did the walk on play either?

I asked Mike about Gabe on Wednesday and he said he felt fine putting him out there but that he’d fallen and hurt his back during a recent practice and that set him back a bit. So that may have played a bit of a role.

I think you’re right that he is more of a developmental player at this point. Like his upside, but he’s very raw. I do think he may play a bit early in the season without Thomas when they face teams with more size. UCO had 6-6 and 6-7 guys C.J. Jones was easily rebounding over in the paint.

Appreciate it.