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— Lot of defense
— Jaylen
— Iso on O/late turnovers
— Moses no-show
— Going small out of necessity

From your observation

  1. Lot of defense.
    When the 14 ranked offense in the conference hangs their most point of the year on you I call that no defense. Lack of defense.
  2. Jaylen had flashes and kept the hogs in the game. When he is under control he is great. He forced it at times and needs to play well with team mates.
  3. I so O/late turnovers. We had too much one on one play the ball dis not move on offense and it was horrible.
  4. Moses no show. It was not just Moses!
    The team showed up flat and did not play with energy. It’s as if they thought since they beat Missouri the last time it would just be easy. Poor performance all the way around.
  5. Going small out of necessity
    Coach could have went to the parking lot and found someone that would have played better. Might as well go small they don’t go down low to a big to score anyway
    Until this team learns how to play together there will be more games just like this one.

I believe they played in Spain in July. It is now February. How long does it take to learn to play together? Just asking.

Am I the only one that thinks the way the team is played, they are a team of mostly guards, NO forwards and a center that is played like a forward? That is pretty imbalanced.
We are pretty good at guard and at times very good. When Moses actually plays in the post he is solid and the D is better. When he does not, the defense breaks down, the rebounding breaks down, there is no blocking out and the team is easy pickin’s.
This is such a bizarre situation with all the good recruits set to come in and what to my eyes is a very questionable coaching situation. I do not envy Mr. Long’s situation here. I am sure he will stay the course, but this team already has quite a bit of talent that just falls flat at the worst times. The coaches are all so likable that it just makes you crazy.

I agree. I wish I didn’t like Mike and the rest of the coaches. I do wish our assistant coaches would show some life.

If Mike is not animated, you would swear Scotty and Lee were attending a funeral. Would like to see some animation from bench coaches. Who knows a little emotion and fight and getting in grills encouraging and we may just feed on it.

As it is sometimes our team seems as laid back as our assistant coaches.

Absolutely true with the lack of emotion from the coaches and the fire needed under certain circumstances. There are no bad men on the bench like Nolan that put the absolute fear of losing and facing coach on the sideline. It is what it is, but if Anderson losses his dream job this is a major point of contention.

Hard to watch when they play like that. I have not been a big fan of Moses, just do not think he plays with effort, maybe 25% of the time. For the life of me I do not understand the bigs defending and fouling outside the 3 point line, wonder why we can’t rebound. CMA’s base defense is just not solid, if the chaos is not effective they just allow way too many open shots. This team has under-performed in my amateur view. I attended the Vandy game and they will need similar effort to beat these guys at home. Don’t look much like a tourney team right now.

Effort is everything with our style of play. Mike needs to light a fire under some folks. If he would have got a technical instead of a weak bench warning, he probably would have stopped that first half bleeding a lot sooner.

Guard defense was bad against Missouri. K.J. Walton had a big game against us, season high, and nobody else in the SEC had had any trouble from him.

But Arkansas’s guards scored more than enough to offset that. The blinding problem was the frontcourt. Missouri is as talent-poor up front as anybody in all the high-major conferences. They destroyed our bigs. Pwned them. Not on the boards but in the offense. Outscored our big guys 42-14. Unbelievable.

Would not have predicted that in a million years. Their offense had 13 assists in the whole game, and our bigs still gave up 42 points to Missouri’s pedestrian frontcourt.

Does Moses have nobody that will speak some hard truths to him about how he is letting millions slip by? Why does everyone on this team show no emotion?

someone on the staff need’s to start challenging these young men. Challenge their man-hood & their heart. Plenty of time has gone by for them to gel as a team. They have not improved on game day since the beginning of the season. Most of them could dominate a 1 on 1 game, but it is a 5 on 5 game. They play like they are playing a pick up game & can all their own fouls. Whine & cry when a foul is called. At this point, shut your trap & start trusting your team-mate. Show a little heart & fire for a desire to play together & win. CMA & assistants need to be the voice of the team. If they can’t do that then they need to grab some pine. This team is not final 4 talented , but are much better than they are displaying at this time. So far their body of work is a disappointment. I had hoped after the Bama game, maybe they turned the corner. Then they played Mizzou. It appears Bama only gave them a big head. One that allowed them to think Mizzou was just going to roll over for them. I love CMA, but he needs to get his teams attention before he is replaced by someone that will.

Interesting post. Appropriate for this time of year. The undeniably true facts and the knee jerk exagerations living together. I hope the hogs focus on the right things and filter out the baloney…

Thanks for grounding me on some of my rant this morning that I posted. I understand that the Hogs are a bubble team, and that has been accomplished playing some pretty ugly basketball. Even during some wins. I guess my frustration is they obviously have talent, however they just don’t play as a team much of the time & that diminishes their talent versus a team that will play as a unit. They do not play defense every possession & that would cover a lot of poor offense if they did.

Make no mistake… I DO NOT want CMA removed, but I am concerned patience is going to run out on those who have the power to remove him & he will be gone. I agree, there would not be big names lining up for the Arkansas job , even though it is in much better shape compared to when CMA took over. If I could be at the games I definitely would be. Not geographically possible for me. I will be at the game in Baton Rouge versus LSU. There is just no excuse for a team with this talent to lose to a team like Mizzou has this season, or like they lost against OK State. Just my opinion.

that game at LSU will be huge. i worry about catching them on a ten game losing streak

Agree. They haven’t had a very good season but they are a very athletic team. One good thing is their style compliments the Hogs. They like to get up and down the court quickly.