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No video because CBS doesn’t make replays of its games available and I don’t have a DVR in Greenville. But I was able to get to take in a lot more of the bench interactions because of where I was seated, which was nice.

Jimmy good job and bring home a win Sunday!
Do you know Matt Jones, he works for Kentucky Sports radio?

I know who he is, but have never met him.

He appears to be an arrogant Kentucky fan! He ran his mouth about our Hogs pretty hardly on the PB show!
Why don’t people admit that any unsportsmanlike behavior should not be tolerated! He insist that it’s no big deal what the Kentucky player did or will do.
He also stands up aginst Mike Anderson and questions our program and supports the Greaseball they have ,Cal, whom has had unethical conduct everywhere he has been! I guess it’s true birds of a feather stick together.

Part of that is Cal, he claims we are dirty every time we play, because he knows the league protects KY and looks to see what Cal complained about, instead of looking to see what he got away with. Big money basketball, and right now that is Cal and KY. We just have to keep doing what we are doing and winning. Then the fouls will even out, look at KS vs KY at Rupp. Every call didn’t go KY’s way and there were complaints all throughout their fan base.