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My bad for just now posting this. Got caught up looking up some stats for Dusty, Trey and Jaylen. Was a bit more time consuming than I thought it’d be.

This win on the road was critical. It was a game that we were expected to win. A loss would have been costly all the way around. The win in the road placed us in the NCAA and a legit elite top four in SEC. Dusty came to rescue when they cut the lead to 6, by scoring 8 in a row. Thompson has become he King of “the backdoor cuts”, everyone else is coming to their own, & Moses excuses continues. Thanks heaven there are others to cover for him. Our depth is our strength. I see us going places.

Great job synthesizing the info. Always look forward to your observations.

Gotta ask. Are these stats that you produce, or do are you supplied with these? Do the coaches have these numbers? Do they seem to use them if they do?

Good job on your story Mr Carter. I always look froward to your evaluation.
It seems like in these last 4 to 5 games these hogs have figured out how to close. They appear to be controlling the game.
to the point when they have been challenged late in game they have made plays. It does worry me at time how they sometime run the shot clock down and either have a shot clock violation or just a poor shot!
Winning is great!

Appreciate it. This one took forever to put together, but was fun to write/research.

I use KenPom and RealGM for the advanced stats. Obviously the coaches would have access to that and I would be shocked if they don’t subscribe to Synergy Sports, which provides a ton of player and play tracking data that can be really valuable. I read an article a few years back that said Synergy cost teams about $6,500 a year.

I actually hadn’t checked Synergy’s site in a while, but it appears they now offer a fan option ($20 per month) and media option (says to contact them). Don’t know how in-depth either is or how useful they would be, but the fact that they’re offering it publicly piqued my curiosity, so I sent an email.

The NBA has taken a huge step forward the last few years by partnering with SportVu, which installs tons of cameras in every arena to provide really cool data. Some of it is available on stats.nba.com. It’s substantially more expensive than Synergy (initially $100,000 annually for pro teams), but I’ve read that some college teams use it. Don’t know whether Arkansas does or not.

Their average offensive possession lasts 15.5 seconds, which ranks 28th in the nation. In SEC play, it’s 16, which ranks 4th.

Obviously a lot of that has to do with pushing the pace as much as they do. But when the game slows down late, it becomes more about executing in the halfcourt. I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily this team’s strength (they are improving), but they do have enough offensive talent to still score reasonably well when the game slows down.

About your note on Bruce Pearl’s technical foul:

Late in the A&M game, Mike Anderson was probably four feet out on the court at one point with the ball in play and A&M trying to bring the ball upcourt (right past Mike) against pressure. It would not have been difficult for the A&M ballhandler to veer over two or three feet and bump into Mike. I would assume that would have forced the refs to call a T on Mike for being on the floor. I’m glad the Aggie guard didn’t think of that.

Jason Kidd did that to Mike Woodson a few years ago and it wound up being a T. Heady play.