Observations w/vid

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I love these observations. They really help me understand what is going on. I am a fan, but not a technician by any stretch and this really brings the performance alive for me. Thank you!

Jimmy, you wrote the following.

“…It wasn’t a great look, but it served to give Arkansas a 2 for 1, a borderline mandated move in the NBA but one college teams rarely take advantage of for some reason.”

I am not familiar with a 2 for 1. Could you please clarify?


A 2 for 1 occurs when the offense takes a shot with enough time on the clock (41 seconds in Jimmy’s example) that because of the shot clock allows you to get the ball back for a final shot in the period.

Great work. We had an answer for Davis, Williams. It was 62-60 at College Station and 86 - 77 in the Bud. :smiley:

Thanks! That makes sense.

NBA teams will routinely run quick plays to get a 2 for 1. If they get the ball with 40 seconds left in the period, they’ll run something designed to get a shot in 8-10 seconds so that they get the ball back with at least 6 seconds left in the quarter. Particularly at the end of the game when they can advance the ball to midcourt with a timeout, which makes getting a shot in those final few seconds easier. Jimmy is right that college coaches very rarely plan for a 2 for 1.