Observations w/vid (zone D, Moses' most complete game, Dusty/Jaylen's great O, Thomas' impact, Manny's shot)

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— Hogs were giving up 1.73 points per possession in getting down 19-7. Switched to zone for most of the rest of the way and it dropped to 0.95 the remainder of the game. If the choices are aggressive, extended man defense with traps and pressing or a zone, I think it’s obvious the zone is the way to go with this roster. Helps protect the 6-3, iffy guard defenders, keeps the defense more compact and allows Moses/Trey to be in position to protect the rim.

— Moses had his best game in the post this year, hands down. Was confident and assertive with quick moves once he got the ball. That shot with 1:51 left to put the Hogs up 3 was big-time, a Portis-esque move. Fully agree with how they’ve lessened the emphasis on getting Moses the ball on post-ups because it’s been inefficient most of this year, but he wasn’t inefficient tonight. Made some big moves. Helped stabilize the Hogs on the glass and had 4 blocks, including the big one late. Has 9 blocks the last 2 games. Would be huge if he stepped it up a notch as we get closer to March.

— Sindarius Thornwell had 27. Jaylen Barford (23) and Dusty Hannahs (20) combined for 43 and the Hogs had a 120.3 offensive rating against the No. 1 defense in the nation, about 30 points higher than SC averages. Barford and Hannahs were so impressive making plays for themselves. Of their 17 makes, only 6 were assisted. Only Kentucky had a more efficient offensive night against SC than Arkansas and the Hogs did it with just 12 assists. Shows the caliber of offensive talent on the roster. They were still stagnant at times and at this point that’s just the reality with this group of players, but they also put together a heck of a performance against an elite defense, especially Barford and Hannahs.

— Dustin Thomas played 26 minutes and had a much bigger impact than his line indicates. Made good passes (flashed the skillset he showed this summer), set good screens and defended decently while doing little things. Hogs were +25 with him on the floor. Last 2 games, he’s a +48 in 52 minutes while Arkansas is -33 in the other 28. He’s taken over at the 4, for now. Adrio’s motor is good. Arlando is the fifth big for the time being. It may change by Saturday, but hard to argue with Dustin playing as much as he is right now.

— Manny’s shot. WOW. Crazy way to cap a solid game for him.

— Stray thoughts, including Frank Martin’s postgame, Chris Silva, Hogs’ 3-point shooting, Anton Beard and more.