Observations w/vid (pressure D keys W, another Barford run, Dusty on fire, should Adrio be in rotation, more)

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … r-alabama/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017/feb/02/5-observations-arkansas-87-68-win-over-alabama/</LINK_TEXT>

— Arkansas’ 87 points were the most Alabama has allowed all season and they were a direct reflection of the Hogs’ defense. Turning up the pressure on Bama’s young guards really kept the Tide out of sync and led to 28 points off 18 turnovers and 19 fast-break points (all in the second half). Bama had the No. 2 defense in the SEC coming in, allowing 94.6 points per 100 possessions in conference play. Hogs put up a whopping 117.6. Obviously it’s a lot easier to score on a good defense when said defense isn’t set. That’s what happened. Still need to see Hogs guard well against good guards, but it was a step in the right direction.

— Jaylen has normalized these scoring outbursts over the course of the last month. When his jumper is falling, he’s really tough to guard. Admitted he falls asleep in the first half and has to wake himself up sometimes. Had a few nice assists that showed his court awareness.

— Dusty tied his career-high with 5 3s after missing all 9 of his 3s the previous 2 games. Hit 4 in a 5-minute span in the second half. Was really feeling it. Hogs did a great job finding him in transition for open looks. Arkansas was 11-23 from 3, a season-high in makes and tied for a season-high in attempts. That’s a good sign. Manny made 2-4. All of them were good looks and all 4 shots looked like they were going in.

— Adrio’s performance was the most significant development of the night for me. He hasn’t made as big of an impact as I thought he would in August, but he showed what he can bring to the table tonight: athleticism and activity. He has the most upside of any of the 4s and Mike alluded to him getting more time moving forward. I’m all for it. He will have some ups-and-downs, but it’s not like Cook or Thomas have been that consistent so why not go with the guy who has the highest ceiling and can leave the biggest imprint on the game. Would be nice to see him get 15-18 minutes at Missouri.

— Had 12 assists in the second half after having just 13 the last 2 games combined. Getting out and pushing tempo makes it easier to share the ball, but they made progress in the halfcourt, too, which was a positive sign going against a good defense. Several drive and dish or drive and kickout sequences. Progress.

— Stray thoughts including crowd, Dusty offensive fouls, Macon first-possession 3s, Moses on the break and more.

Thought I’d gauge how people felt about playing time at the 4. Interesting results…


On the 4 position question. I defer to the Coach. Heck I thought that Cook was playing very well, but he only got 11 minutes. I think that Thomas is soft but Coach Richardson is very high on him. :ugeek:

Mike made it seem like Adrio is going to get a bump in minutes moving forward. We’ll see. I would imagine Cook remains a starter Saturday. That lineup hasn’t exactly performed great, but it should be solid in theory.

I’d take that with a grain of salt. He was saying the same thing about Nick Babb a couple years ago after he had a good game. Everybody knows I’m a CMA fan, but he’s the king of coach speak. He’s not really going to tell the media what he’s going to do and definitely won’t tell you a guy is not going to play, if he just had a good game. I think his role will pretty much stay the same unless both Cook and Thomas just absolutely fall off. Thomas has been looking better as of late.

With Adrio, I think if he really want to see a lot of playing time, he’s going to have to do what Qualls did and transition into a guy that can play at the 3 spot. If you remember, Qualls was very similar to Adrio his first year, a guy that was athletic that really didn’t have the ball handling or shooting to play the 3, so he had to play as an undersized 4. Once he went into that off-season and worked on his game, he was able to cause teams a lot of problems at the 3 spot with his athleticism and that’s what set him apart.

You make good points on both. I mentioned in another thread that I’m not ready to predict he’ll get more minutes than the others at the 4. But I think he could get some more run Saturday. If he can produce in 8-12 minutes a few times, maybe he carves out a bigger role.

It’ll be interesting to see where they focus on him in the offseason. To my knowledge, he’s worked exclusively with the bigs so far. He’s probably athletic enough to survive as an undersized 4, especially as he gains strength, but it’d be huge if he could develop a jumper/some ball handling skills. I see him and Darious as similar in that they’re both combo forward types whose skillsets lean more toward PF right now.

Somebody is going to have to learn to play the 3, otherwise may be looking at some guys transferring. Look at next year. You have Bailey, Thomas, Cook, Hall, and Hazen who all primarily play the 4 spot. There’s only so many minutes you can get out of that spot and eventually somebody is going to stand out and demand the bulk of the minutes. My guess would be the 2 seniors getting the majority of the time, like they are right now.

Then let’s look at the following season (18-19) it will be even more crowded. We’ll have Bailey, Hall, Hazen, Perry and Henderson who all play the 4, plus we’re the favorite for Rodgerick Brown, who’s a 3/4 guy as well. Perry will more than likely start from day one at the 4 spot alongside Daniel Gafford. Perry will be a guy that will demand a lot of minutes, so unless these other guys develop and can play at the 3, I don’t know see a lot of playing time available for them.

IMO, Bailey and Hall are guys that will have to learn to play the 3 if they want to play significant minutes. Hazen will probably have to add some more muscle to show he can play some spot minutes at the 5 as well as the 4 if he wants to play.

I would say lineup would look like this the next 2 years…

Gafford/Thompson/(2017 Signee)

Jones/Joe/(2018 signee)
Gafford/(2017 Signee)

Interesting. I love this kind of future roster construction conversation. Numbers-wise, yeah, it’d be in the best interest for the team if those guys can expand their games enough to play alongside 2 bigs. Gafford and Perry seem like 25-30 minute players, which doesn’t leave a lot of leftover time.

For this class, I wouldn’t mind if they rounded out the roster with more of a 4, because I think that’s the clear weak spot on this roster and Gafford and Trey should be able to handle the 5 next year. And after that, Perry can probably play alongside Gafford and also play the 5 for stretches. Henderson is athletic enough to be serviceable there, too.

How much have you seen Khalil? I’ve only seen him live a few times and don’t really have a good feel for whether he can be a PG. I know Penny said he thought he’d wind up as one. I do love what I’ve seen from Desi Sills’ game.

I haven’t seen Khalil play this high school season, but did catch some of his games that were streamed on the EYBL site this summer. His ball handling is solid, and I heard in an interview he did where he said he’s working on ball handling to become a PG, and I heard someone (Maybe Kevin McPherson or Dudley can’t remember) say he spoke with him and said the staff was going to give him a shot at PG. Plus, what you heard Penny say as well. All that just leads me to believe he’ll at least get a shot to show if he can do it or not. He kinda reminds me of a more athletic Ky Madden.

In regards to Bailey’s playing time… keep in mind it’s a lot easier to play well when the team has a big lead. Playing with the pressure of a close game is different. Bailey and Jones have looked timid when playing in tight games. It’ll come for both of them, and maybe this game will give Bailey more confidence to play in close games, we’ll see.

That’s a fair statement. Bailey did do a nice job against LSU late in the first half with the game still close. OSU was obviously a blowout. He was part of the group that took a 15-point lead and turned it into 25 against Bama.

I agree that C.J. has been a little too timid at times when he’s gotten real time. I think he’s trying to avoid taking a bad shot, which is fine, but when scoring/shooting is your main (only?) plus skill at this point, you’ve got to be ready to let if fly when you have a shot.

Seen enough thomas already put in airdrio … jk…kind of… We need to see thomas play well today. But really I would rather see airdrio get all those minutes