Observations w/vid (inexcusable start, how Vandy carved up the D, halfcourt O, playing small/Adrio at 4, effort on glass

Yea, I noticed Portis did is sometimes when he was here, but not nearly as much as Kingsley does. Kingsley almost always switches. My assumption would be they’ve probably told Kingsley to use his judgement on when he needs to switch and feel out the situation, and he just always does it.

If I were MA, I’d do this:

  1. Go to Jeff Long and have a short conversation. Ask: Is my job safe, no matter what happens the rest of this season?
  2. Manage the team according to that answer.

If I got an “all clear” signal, I’d assemble a rotation consisting of Hannahs, Kingsley, Barford, Watkins, Bailey, and then whoever else is working hardest in practice. Bench the pouters.

We had two players in the previous game who played almost 30 minutes and managed to get no rebounds and no assists, making no appearances at the free throw line when they were fully capable of attacking and drawing contact. They combined to shoot 2-17 from the floor. Public displays of petulance should be severely punished.

I have been a long time supporter of the Hogs both in football and basketball but
I have reached a point where I cannot watch this basketball team play. All they do is pass it around untll the shot clock nears zero and they throw up a 3. I believe it was Quinn Burkner a few years ago who was a analyst for a basketball game who remarked that he saw a great bunch of athletes but no basketball players. I now agree. They don’t block out, don’t set screens for shooters and certainly don’t rebound which goes hand and hand with blocking out. I don’t believe Anderson can make in game adjustments. They just keep doing the same thing whether it is working or not. The University is not getting for salary spent on Anderson what they should be getting. I’ll give him a couple of more years and then, if no production, he will have to go. He has built his reputation playing a bunch of patsies early in the season but after that not much of a record.

I don’t know what coach should do with pouters. This is what Geno Auriemma, Ladies coach of Connecticut said:

“…But recruiting enthusiastic kids is harder than it’s ever been.”

“I’d rather lose than watch kids play the way some kids play. They’re allowed to get away with just whatever and they’re always thinking about themselves. I don’t score, so why should I be happy? I’m not getting enough minutes, why should I be happy? That’s the kind of world we live in today.

“When I look at my team, they know this. When I watch game film, I’m checking what’s going on the bench. If somebody is asleep over there, if somebody doesn’t care, if somebody’s not engaged in the game, they will never get in the game. Ever.

“And they know that. They know I’m not kidding. . . . You’re playing on the best team in the country and you’re going to mope, seriously? That’s the way we handle it. There’s nobody moping.”