Observations (late defense, Manny, Arlando's spark, rebounding, difference in post play)

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No video. This hotel wifi is choppy and the quality would be terrible.

— Obviously Arkansas tried to give it away (2 turnovers and 1-4 FT in the final 40 seconds), but the defense was great in the final 6+ minutes. No A&M FGs. Manny and Arlando were superb on that end and they limited the Aggies to one shot mostly while keeping Davis from hurting them down the stretch. Ugly win is better than a pretty loss. Not a great game, but they got stops when they had to, which was impressive.

— Manny channeling his inner Bruce Bowen?! Tyler Davis seemed to have a lot of respect for him post-game. Would be shocked if the 3-point outburst continues, but that was such a boost. Cut a 9-point deficit to 6 twice. His defensive effort and leadership go without saying.

— Arlando was +16, Dustin -14, Hogs won by 2… He was really good off the bench. A&M was up 13-5 on the boards early and he came in and got some contested rebounds I thought helped change the tone of the game. Had 2 huge steals and a block in the final 5:16. Never know what you’re gonna get from the 4, but he was big tonight.

— They outrebounded A&M by 12 after being down 13-5, became just the fifth team to win the battle on the glass vs the Aggies. Five offensive rebounds in the final 4 minutes, including 3 by Moses on that grown man possession. The offense was pretty bad at times, but the timely 3-point shooting, offensive rebounding and hitting enough FTs bailed them out. Robert Williams had some just athleticism-based rebounds that it’s hard to do much about. Moses only had 1 defensive board, but his job was to box out Davis, who had just 1 offensive board. The guards were supposed to group rebound and 3 had at least 3.

— Tyler Davis was a beast inside. Probably didn’t get enough touches on the block. Moses had 2 nice moves, but was 0.857 points per possession on post-ups, not awful but obviously not that efficient.

— Stray thoughts including Anton’s rough game, FT shooting, Beard struggling, more. Big, big win.

I should start a website that allows travelers to rate the wi-fi quality of hotels, for the benefit of others.

I once sent a complaint to the Tennessee attorney general, comparing hotels’ promises about Internet service with the actual performance + details that hotel operators gave me about their available bandwidth.

I stayed in one 100-room hotel that claimed “high-speed Internet” but was sharing 1 Mbps across the entire hotel. All they had to have was more than one user, and it wouldn’t qualify as high-speed Internet under even the loosest definition. And 1 Mbps was barely that either.

Businesspeople make decisions about where to stay based in part on Internet service. I asked the AG why hotels were allowed to make wild advertising claims that they knew were untrue. Never received a response.

2 of the 4 hotels I’ve been in so far this year have had terrible wifi, which has prevented me from doing video. All 4 have promised high-speed Internet. Very frustrating.