Observations from Wednesday's practice

This video is from August 2017.

Thanks Scottie. I didn’t catch that.

Knox will be a possession receiver but will be a nightmare on one-on-one balls. Reminds me some of Evans with Tampa Bay who played at Texas A&M.hopefully we can run the ball well enough to get people to stack the box then our play action can open up down field passes.

Perhaps that “nightmare” potential will show this year with a QB that can deliver the pass. Thus far, Knox has not convinced me he is the advertised talent, however, we had no capable QBs under last year’s coaching staff. I hope he comes on.

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Knox was hurt a good bit, so I’m not really sure we saw his true potential last year… I think he potential to become a dominant player.but offensive line has to block, quarterback has to throw the ball, so there’s more than one variable to make that happen.

When all the variables you listed are resolved, then perhaps he can be the “nightmare” you described. I’m hopeful better coaching and more experience will prove us both right.

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I saw Trey open in the second half of the season when the ball didn’t come out. Quarterbacks didn’t do well and they didn’t have great protection.

Totally impossible for anybody to look good last year with the way we blocked and threw the ball. I think we will see a better OL and thus a much better offense this year.

There were different quarterbacks almost every week down the stretch. I’m not sure that anyone was targeted on a consistent basis and there was almost nothing in regards to a down-field passing game.

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