Observations from watching Kansas live on Thursday

A handful of thoughts and observations on Kansas’ top players after watching its first-round NCAA Tournament win over Howard on Thursday:

I think our size and athleticism will bother them just like Texas was able to do to them.

The key for us as always will be if we can keep from making the totally undisciplined passes that allow us to get in trouble.

We play smart and shoot the ball well keep them off the glass and we can win this game

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Don’t leave wide open 3 point shooters.
Make f free throws and rebound!
I just worry about the TO’s!

And have to be aggressive to the rim on O and get to free throw line. Desperation Hero ball from deep is exactly what a good rebounding team wants us to do. Make hard cuts to basket on O and don’t give them anything easy in paint on D

And it’s time for payback for that regional final loss in ‘91. That should have been another final four for program and Coach Richardson


I think it boils down to two things

Limited turnovers by the Hogs and, what seems obvious but important for this team, making 12 to at the rim shot on drives.

Against both Alabama at Bama and Kentucky in the Bud, we got to our spots but missed the shots.

Smith has been little help since his return. Maybe he can put together a decent game without jacking up 20 shots. Getting teammates involved instead of excluded would be nice. The team played right with Alabama so it is possible that they can against Kansas.

I’d not say little help while noting some struggles. He hit one game winning shot that helped a lot.

Exactly what I was thinking — they pulled the shocker upset and stole our 2nd in a row final four trip

Time to return the favor !

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I believe we beat them… this team has a taste of what it takes, time to finish the meal.

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