Observations from Tuesday's spring practice

The Razorbacks worked out in Walker Pavilion Tuesday in shoulder pads and helmets. Here are some notes and observations from the 45-minute viewing window:

• Players who were not dressed out included defensive lineman Cam Ball (ankle sprain), offensive lineman Terry Wells, wide receiver Jaedon Wilson (leg), running back Dominique Johnson (knee), defensive back RJ Johnson, defensive back Al Walcott and offensive lineman Luke Brown. They were working together off to the side with a member of the training staff.

• Receivers coach Kenny Guiton, who was a quarterback at Ohio State, threw passes to players in his group early on in practice. He can still spin it well.

I came away impressed again with Isaiah Sategna. He looks comfortable, confident, and he crossed a defensive back’s face a number of times after getting off the line quickly. I also thought Isaac TeSlaa had a solid day catching the ball, and Andrew Armstrong did as well. His route running seems to be coming along at a good clip.

• Co-defensive coordinator Marcus Woodson, during a drill in which a pair of defensive backs on one side of the field defended passes against two receivers, made those in the secondary drop and knock out 10 pushups for what he called “eye violations.” I think 2-3 defensive backs wound up doing pushups.

• Wide receiver Tyrone Broden was on the field today and around drills, but he did not do much as far as I could tell. He had a wrap on his right knee. Sam Pittman last Tuesday said the Bowling Green transfer had a “slight knee sprain” after a collision in the end zone.

• Here is a look at the offensive and defensive alignment during a team period:


QB: KJ Jefferson / Jacolby Criswell, Cade Fortin / Cade Fortin, Malachi Singleton
RB: Raheim Sanders, AJ Green, Rashod Dubinion / Raheim Sanders, AJ Green / AJ Green, Preston Crawford
WR: Andrew Armstrong, Isaac TeSlaa, Bryce Stephens / Andrew Armstrong, Isaiah Sategna, Marlon Crockett / Chris Harris, Kalil Girault, Landon Rogers
TE: Nathan Bax, Ty Washington / Ty Washington, Luke Hasz / Hunter Talley, Zach Lee
LT: Devon Manuel / Andrew Chamblee / Brock Burns
LG: Brady Latham / Cole Carson / Paris Patterson
C: Beaux Limmer / Josh Street / Eli Henderson
RG: Josh Braun / E’Marion Harris / Payton Simpson
RT: Patrick Kutas / Ty’Kieast Crawford / Tommy Varhall


DE: Trajan Jeffcoat / John Morgan / Nico Davillier
DT: Taurean Carter / Marcus Miller / JJ Hollingsworth
DT: Eric Gregory / Kyle Thompson / Marcus Miller
DE: Landon Jackson / Nico Davillier / Kyle Thompson
LB: Chris Paul / Antonio Grier / Kaden Henley
LB: Jordan Crook / Mani Powell / Brooks Both
CB: Quincey McAdoo / Aidan McCowan
CB: Dwight McGlothern / Jaylon Braxton
S: Jayden Johnson / Braylon Watson
S: Hudson Clark / TJ Metcalf
Nickel: Lorando Johnson / Jaylen Lewis

Note : I was not able to see all of the numbers on the third-team defensive backs.

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Today was the first day this spring that I was able to get to a football practice. All of them until today have been at the same time as a baseball or basketball game.

Isaac TeSlaa is bigger than I thought he would be. I was told he and Andrew Armstrong caught touchdowns during the scrimmage over the weekend. I also thought Bryce Stephens’ change of direction speed stood out.

I was told Landon Jackson had a great scrimmage Saturday and has improved his game some since the end of last year.

KJ Jefferson was off limits to contact, but had a couple of big holes to run through on the zone-read option work. One probably would have went for about a 40-yard gain.

The weight loss for Devon Manuel and E’Marion Harris stands out. They are both tall and look thin standing next to their position mates. I’d be willing to bet both put on some pounds this summer.

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I’m glad to hear about Sategna. He didn’t get much of a chance to prove himself last year with injuries and inexperience.

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Was this from the same knee injury during the season or has he re-aggravated it yet again?

Same injury as last season.

Has KJ lost any weight.
I think about 10-15 lbs would do him good.

Maybe D Johnson wants knee management time like NSJ

Dominique Johnson underwent surgery for a second ACL tear last November. He’s still in the rehab process.

Heard Zach Williams had a very good scrimmage. Lots of pressure on the QB.

Yikes….don’t think I recall that. Guessing he will barely be back before start of season or just after……again!

Same knee or different one Matt?

It was the same knee.

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