Observations from game

  1. AA looked like a first time starter. The two interceptions were bad, and he held the ball too long several times. On the other hand, he made some very good throws and kept his poise to lead the team down the field for the winning drive.
  2. The running game is probably further along than this time last year, based on the production we got out of the run calls. The fullback play llooks a bit better, and the overall cohesion looks okay for early season. Continued work and coaching make me think we will be mauling people by mid-October, when by the way, Whaley should be getting very comfortable in the offense.
  3. I have no idea why we kept trying to throw slants the way Tech’s defense was lining up.
  4. Hatcher, Morgan and Sprinkle are a really nice security blanket for a young QB.
  5. I was very encouraged by the way Capps played against the run. He may be a key to controlling the gashing runs from spread teams that have bothered us the last few years.
  6. We actually executed a screen pass.
  7. Colton Jackson worries me more than any other guy on the line in pass protection.
  8. For goodness sake give some one else a chance to be the kick off specialist.
  9. The scores of other games portion of the scoreboard is only partially legible to my middle aged eyes. I could see the teams and the score fine, but the script showing period/half/final etc. was a blurry mystery from my seats in the southwest upper deck.

What threw me is that a lot of the scores had an ‘F’ after them, which you would think (or at least I did) would signify “final”. However, they were showing ‘F’ even after some games that had started after ours and obviously couldn’t have been finals. Very confusing. Agree they need to do a better job of showing time left/status of games.

At least they’re making an effort. For many years they would put up scores of games that ended before ours (pregame here) and never update them. I did not notice any Fs on games that weren’t over yet, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention to them very much.