Observations from Arkansas' second spring scrimmage

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There was good from all of the backs. Whaley got the first snaps at running back, but T.J. Hammonds was out there quickly, too. Hammonds did some nice things with a screen pass and some runs. Maybe his time at wide receiver last spring helped him because he lined up there for some plays. You’d like to see him used in multiple ways. Morris mentioned that his pass protections have improved.

Austin Cantrell is still a beast. I saw him do some nice work on blocking. He’s probably the best blocker among the tight ends. Grayson Gunter got open on the deep pass when there was a safety blitz.

On some of the defensive line looks, I saw Jonathan Marshall do some nice things inside. Armon Watts rotated inside, too.

I noticed Austin Aune and Jack Lindsey getting some work at quarterback with the threes. Lindsey appears to be the holder on field goals. So you will definitely see Lindsey on the field next year.

I like the guys getting into it on the field. that’s pride, passion and hard work.

I liked seeing more wiggle from Maleek Williams.

I think the backfield is in great shape with Devwah Whaley, Chase Hayden, TJ Hammonds, Maleek Williams, Maleek Barkley and summer arrival Rakeem Boyd

Certainly a lot of talent at RB. In the SEC, you better have
quality depth at this critical position.

Is there anything to read into the fact that we aren’t really hearing Whaley’s name mentioned at all?

Is he maybe slipping down behind TJ, Chase and Maleek (who seems to be killing it right now)?

Seems like we have a lot of good depth at the position especially when you add Boyd. I don’t know how you keep them all happy. Actually I kinda wish we had brought in a freshman instead so we could have had the option of redshirting them.


If you listened to Chad Morris from last night, Whaley was the first back mentioned. The question was about someone else, but he started with Whaley and said he was a special player. That is my translation. I would guess that Whaley starts at running back. He was first out of the chute yesterday. He may not have gotten a ton of carries because they already know what he is and what he can do. He broke a tackle at the line in the first run he made yesterday. Whaley is the best pass protector in my mind. He never seems to miss a protection. And, he’s the best inside runner of the bunch. They will need all of them.

Glad to hear it. Must’ve missed that first nugget about Whaley but it’s good news. Thanks for the clarification

I got one more for you, What about Jordan Jones? Haven’t seen a lot of stats or mentions about him either…or did I just miss that too?

Have not seen him do much or heard his name mentioned.