Observations from Arkansas' first exhibition

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What are we hearing about how Jordan Phillips will impact the team this year? Sure sounded like when asked last week in the presser that Mike seems to think he’ll at least be in the rotation when he does get healthy.

I have no idea how good he is other than some of his highlights from HS. With that said we don’t have anyone like him on the team if his skills translate to this level. We don’t have a true SF at that size who can play out on the perimeter.

Mason Jones and Jordan Phillips are similar.

They are hoping to have JP back this week or next.

I am sure he will get significant minutes because of his versatility.

I think Jordan is better than Jones with the ball in his hands. When we first signed him I thought of Scottie Pippen, a 6’7 guy who can take pressure off the PG’s by bringing the ball up and facilitating. It’s something in my opinion we haven’t had during CMA’s tenure

I like Jones alot. If Phillips is already that good he’ll provide a big boost.

His AAU stats (Dallas Showtime Elite) from last year:

23 PPG, 6 RPG, 7 APG, and 3 SPG.

He was also the Texas State Player of the Year in his HS classification. Kid is a lot better than people expect.

Phillips should be able to contribute. I’m excited about the entire team! Jones will come on as well. It takes all of the players to make a team!

Ky Madden was probably the closest, but he was only 6’5". He didn’t get a lot of love while he was here, but Ky was overall solid.