Observations and a & m

Defense is playing better. Even though we gave up a ton to tcu it was mostly in second half. Line is playing great. Ledbetter and wise playing like they want a big nfl contract. Both backers playing pass better. Pulley has been big surprise. Fairly pleased with defense. Offense, well I don’t care how some sugarcoat it but I’ve been unimpressed. Maybe Pittman wasn’t that good of a recruiter. Still experimenting at 3 positions. I don’t think we have a right tackle we can depend on in pass pro. We haven’t had one really long run yet. Love Williams but we need Whaley to come on quickly. Receivers have been great as advertised. Austin clearly best qb. However he has thrown passes that are going to be picks in sec play. And someone needs to stress to him to slide. He goes down and you can write remainder of season off. Kickoff return team is way below par. We haven’t come remotely close to breaking one. Now on to a and m. Key matchup is their defensive line against our offensive line. I think our defense is good enough to stay with them. Yeah we’ll give up some yards and scores but it won’t be easy for them. They physically dominated auburn. Both lines. Anderson needs to figure out something on right side THIS week. One easy game left, rest are going to be wars.

You are correct on the one easy game left. Everything else is an SEC WAR. The right side of the OL is really bad at times especially in pass pro. It was a little better yesterday but that team should have never gotten close to the QB.

We’ve got two more weeks to get it fixed. With the way things are going, Alabama will eat our lunch and kill AA.

I’m worried about a and m.

I am worried about A&M too. A&M will expose our weaknesses really good for the rest of the SEC.

I just don’t understand how we don’t have a RT, that can play, we have some highly rated guys on the bench, that are just not stepping up and it’s sad.

I had hoped TJ Hammonds would emerge as a RB/slot receiver that would cause worry for defensive schemes and add speed to our offense. What has happened in his development?

TJ had a knee injury and that slowed his progress down. He is coming around I think.