Not from me but my son who’s the ultimate basketball junky.

Muss always figures out his roster by the end of the year.


There is no one better.


Best Coah in the gym tonight


Under CEM, the Hogs always play UP to their competition against the better teams. His record in February and March has to be better than any other UA coach since Nolan.
UA…Campus of Champions


I didn’t get to see the game. Was at daughter’s final high school basketball game. Could not believe when saw the score later!!! What Muss must have done.

Eric recruited a couple of interior bullies in the Mitchell twins to contend with guys like Tshiebwe. I cannot get over how well those two played. Makhel’s emergence has been huge.


@Pavlovhog1 Chip off the ole block.

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I agree but would add, it also takes his new players time to fully understand and realize why and what he wants but somehow he gets it to happen. Loved the guard play, was flashback to best teams of Eddie and Nolan in that reqard last night. I think Devo played the best game since being at Arkansas --his decision making was the best I have seen him exhibit. Happy for him and team.

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Sure seems like we are turning the corner with this team. All the pieces are fitting together for the puzzle to come together on court that Muss wants. Mitchell twins are playing very well in the post and pick/roll game. Rotation players are all getting “it” and learning to play together at a high level.

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I’d probably say he figures it out by the middle of SEC play and then salvages the losses to a respectable seed. Hopefully, he will do the same this year.

side note: I think he knew exactly what his roster was going to be this year, but that was derailed. This year is different that years past, but, yes, he needed to figure it out and he did.

Totally agree! He is growing by leaps and bounds as a basketball player. Always a great athlete, he has refined his 3-point shooting to achieve an amazing turn-around. He has dialed back his over passing, over dribbling, and over penetrating and is settling into his niche, comfortable with what he can and cannot do. The mental and physical toughness of his defense sets a high bar for this team and it is rising towards it. He, Black, and Council handling the ball against full court pressure was a “work of art” last night. Great passing and ball handling.

The amazing thing to me is how the Mitchell twins and Graham have stepped up their game as well, playing their best ball by far of the season. This team is jelling, again, at a great time in the seaon. Getting Smith would be a huge cherry on top but this team will dance with or without him. JMVVVVHO

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